Interior Design Tips for the Best First Impression

Every homeowner wants to create an interior design that will make a great first impression. It’s nice to hear your guests’ oohs or aahs as they admire the interior design of your home.

Here are 13 tips to help impress your guests with brilliant interior designs and advice from Decor Aid’s interior designers.


Lighting can make or ruin even the best interior designs. Lighting is critical to creating a stunning interior design that will impress your guests. The best lighting choice for modern interiors is pendant lamps. When choosing pendant lights, choose something with an unusual, extraordinary design. This will draw attention and help you focus your eyes upward.


Decor Aid’s senior designers recommend an open-plan design to impact your foyer significantly. This interior design makes your home look larger than it is.

Add some eye-catching shine

Add a touch of shine to your interior design by adding crystals, bronze furniture, or decorative items made from brass or stainless steel. Your guests will be inspired by these impressive interior design ideas the moment they walk through your front door.

Decorate with large plants

Outside or inside, plants are an excellent way to enhance your home. Decorate your home with large plants to make your interior design stand out. Place a few large plants on the hallway wall or your living area. Plants are a cheap way to improve your interior design.

Dress up your walls

Decor Aid’s interior designers believe wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular. Decorate your walls with wallpapers featuring attractive patterns, colors, and designs. Choose abstract forms inspired by nature or colorful designs to transform your walls into beautiful works of art.

Elevate with White Woodwork

Consider adding dazzling white woodwork to your home’s interior design regardless of your chosen color. This home interior design offers a beautiful contrast to brightly colored walls and dark wood floors. This design gives your interior design a traditional edge while keeping your home interiors fresh and elegant.

Consider Going Green

There’s nothing more impressive than decorating your home with environmentally-friendly pieces. Make your home stand out in this age of green interior design.


Art displays are great for setting the home’s interior design tone. These expressive pieces will leave your guests in awe. If you are on a budget and want to design your home, you can find affordable art and decor at flea markets.

Choose Colors That Inspire

Your choice of color will make or break any interior design idea. Blending colors is essential for interior design. Neutrals are too subtle to make your decor stand out. Choose colorful patterns instead that are pleasing to the eye and aesthetically appealing.

Arrange attractive chairs near the entrance

A beautiful chair near your front door can serve two purposes. You can also use the chair to put on your shoes or take them off. You can choose two stylish chairs with a console at the side or a couch or bench. If you want to impress your guests, invest in modern and eye-catching furniture.

Display A Console In The Foyer

Your guests will likely pass through your hall when they enter your home. Place a console on the side of your foyer to add some interest to your interior design. Consider upcycling a vintage console to find the best interior design for your budget. Paint it in complementary colors and decorate it using stylish items.


Consider investing in a piece of furniture with a unique design if you’re willing to spend more on interior decor. Please place it in a place where your guests can easily see it. You can, for example, update your living area with a zigzag bookcase or a coffee table that is oddly shaped. These pieces of decor will leave your guests impressed and inspired.


Installing stylish hardwood flooring in your interiors will make your guests feel special. This interior design addition is well worth the cost of hiring a professional contractor to install the flooring. This classic flooring style will not only enhance the beauty of your home but also increase its value.

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