Interior Design Bloggers Earn Money

Who wouldn’t be interested in knowing how interior design bloggers earn money? This is one of the most common questions I am asked.

No one creates an interior design blog to spend hours on content that nobody ever reads, right?

Interior Design Bloggers Make Money Through Multiple Income Streams

It would be best if you started thinking about multiple income streams as soon as you begin your journey into the world of design and blogging.

It would be best if you never relied solely on ads, design work, or affiliate marketing to earn money. It’s not uncommon for some months to be great, while others can be a disaster. This is because, as a business proprietor, it can be difficult to maintain recurring income.


Google Adsense is a great way to start making money. Sign up for Google Adsense before your website has an audience, but be aware that you might only earn one cent. You will make more money as you get more traffic on your website.

It is important to understand that website ads are only as successful as the people who visit your site, view the ads, and click on them.

You may also need to meet certain payout thresholds in order to receive a monthly payout.

Know that your advertising income will fluctuate, especially when Google changes its algorithm and your traffic drops while they tinker.

Another thing to consider is how many advertisements you would like on your site. It is important to think about the user experience. If you have too many ads on your website, visitors will likely leave, and you won’t make any money from advertising.

Affiliate Marketing

You can earn money by becoming an affiliate. There are many affiliate marketing options, whether you choose to sign up with Amazon, Etsy, or ShareASale.

Traffic to your website is crucial because the percentage of revenue you make from products is usually less than 5%. To start earning real affiliate marketing income, you need a lot of eyes on your website.

If you need to meet a $100 threshold and only made $10… you will probably have to wait until the next payout point and the payout date (which is usually monthly). You’ll need to wait for the next payout point (which is typically every month) if you only make $10 and you need $100 to reach the threshold.

When you decide to become an affiliate, make sure you like and trust the company as well as its product. If you partner up with a bad company, your credibility could be wiped out in an instant.

Never hesitate to end your relationship with an affiliate, no matter what the reason. You should stop working with a companion if their business takes a turn that you do not like or if they do not value your contribution.

GROW A YouTube Channel

You can be a YouTuber extraordinaire. You can monetize your YouTube channel by bringing something entertaining to the platform.

It’s not that easy to monetize. You need to reach a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing before you can start earning money. Even when you get your first goal, it is still important to have people watch your content. When it comes to being paid for your videos on YouTube, you need eyeballs and not subscribers.


You may love to share and teach your unique style of planning or designing spaces. You can create a printable product that you can download immediately. Online courses or membership communities can be made.

You can create as many paid products as you like, no matter how you go about it. Consider all the different stages that your clients might be in when they contact you, from just starting a project or thinking about it to the result. You may want to create paid products at every stage of your client’s journey and leave limited spots for one-on-one projects with your high-end clients.


You’ve added your eDesign service to the mix because you started a blog for eDesign. You only have a certain number of hours in the day, so you can only take on a small number of clients.

It would be best if you also realized that eDesign clients are already self-starters. Why not take advantage of their desire to get things done by offering the other paid services I mentioned earlier?


Most interior designers don’t blog to create content but rather to attract clients. You should ensure that each piece of content you post on your blog is an advertisement for the paid services that you offer. This could be a digital item, a virtual consult, or a design.

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