How to create unique content that people love

When it comes to creating unique content people will love and share, there’s a trick.

We know that it is not easy.


It’s important to share your voice. Finding your voice is harder than opening the blue tab on a box of Macaroni and Cheese.

Determine who you are talking to first. You’ll use a formal tone if you are writing to someone who is a businessperson.

To let your personality shine through, my favorite tip is to narrate your blog posts like you were talking to a best friend.

You’ll be able to show more of your personality when you treat your blog as an “email” to a friend.

Share things that others aren’t sharing

The blogosphere is full of “same-old, same-old” posts. You will find people who have the same opinion and share opinions/advice with you that you don’t agree with.

Do you want to talk about that? It’s fine to disagree and to share what you think or believe is the best way to get a certain result.

Ask your audience what they’d like to see

Ask your audience for their feedback on the content you’re producing.

You may be surprised by the new ideas or topics that they bring up.

Look at the search terms that people use when they arrive on your site. This will give you ideas on what to create.


Search engines are clever enough to recognize variations of your keyword phrase. When it comes to writing unique content, you don’t need to be limited to the words you are targeting.

Search engines will still consider that I have used the keyword phrase “create unique contents” in my sentence.

When we write the way people speak, writing for people is always more important than writing for a specific keyword phrase.

Solve problems and focus on Results

You can bet that your audience will love it if you offer them a way to avoid mistakes, save money, or even save time.

Titles like Save $X,000. On Your Next Living Room Renovation will encourage people to click. You must follow that title up with content that is both entertaining and helpful, as boring is not going to do the trick.


Although I don’t say you should ignore interior design trends, the majority of your content should be timeless.

If you are tempted to try to duplicate the content of someone who seems to be doing better, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your type of content is going to work as well as theirs.

You will find that your ideas are more exciting than the dull content that is available everywhere.

Creating unique content doesn’t have to be difficult

If you take the time to produce unique content that is researched and with your personality all over it, then you will stand out in a crowded market. No doubt.

Katherine L. Branton

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