You may think “that can wait until next month” when you see cracked, broken, and sagging wall plaster. Then next month becomes the following year, and you may not get it fixed at all. We are experts in repairs for plaster in Auckland and we can tell you to get these repairs done immediately. Here’s why:

This Looks Terrible

Although looks aren’t everything, cracked or sagging walls can look awful. This can affect the entire appearance and feel of your home. You may feel uncomfortable and even embarrassed when you have guests. Take pride in your house by repairing any damages that occur. This includes cracked or sagging walls.

It will get worse

If you don’t fix it as soon as you can, it will only get worse. You may end up paying more to repair your plaster than you would have if you had fixed it as soon as possible.

Your home may be damaged

Plaster in your home acts as a barrier that protects. It is important to repair it, otherwise your home will lose this protective barrier and could suffer damage to electrical systems, plumbing, or even the structure.

Maintain the Value of Your Home

You can maintain the value of your home by investing in repairs when they are needed. This will ensure that you get a good return on your investment. It is important to maintain your home, as it was a large investment.

What are the reasons why plaster gets damaged?

Not everything can last forever. As your home ages you may notice that your plaster is damaged for the following reasons.

  • Over time, your home shifts, settles and moves. The slightest shift in your frame can cause your plaster to crack and break.
  • Water leaks and humidity
  • Plaster can crack if it expands and contracts due to changes in temperature.
  • The plaster may be damaged by renovations or new installations.
  • A poor plaster installation can increase the risk of damage.

Looking for a team to handle your cracked plaster repairs in Auckland? Contact Property solutions NZ Ltd to learn more about their services.


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