Which Furniture Colors Match Gray Flooring?

What is the best way to choose furniture for a room with gray flooring? What are the best colors to use with gray?

We spoke to top designers to determine which color furniture matches the gray flooring. You want to avoid disappointment and returns when you invest in furniture pieces such as sofas, accent chairs, coffee tables and other similar pieces.

Brown adds warmth

She explains that the tile is a gorgeous gray slate floor tile and can be found in a dining area. We paired it with the dark chocolate client’s dining table and then selected new dining chairs in warm, putty colors.

Miller believes this is a great way to combine warm and cool colors for a timeless and cohesive look. This space features wooden furniture that emphasizes how brown can be complemented by gray.

Pay attention to the Undertones

Designer Nadia Watts may use one or both of these colors, depending on the undertones within a gray shade: blue or taupe.

She says, “Understanding gray’s subtleties helps me choose colors furniture and accessories to bring into the space.” I will use shades of blue in the room with the cooler grays. I added shades of taupe to the space with warmer grays.

A Pop of Taupe is a great option

She shares that she introduced a taupe wallcovering by Maya Romanoff and a rich gray/taupe custom china cabinet. I chose lighter fabrics for the rug and dining chairs to contrast with the dark wood case pieces. A wide stripe in multiple shades of gray is used for the window coverings.

Watts used a gray color scheme for choosing a chandelier. She shares a tip about working with one dominant color in a space.

Watts says that the different finishes make a room stand out: paint color, wallcoverings, fabric, rug and wood, among others. A well-balanced room can be created by incorporating multiple textures into a common color palette.

Be Blue

She explains that the gray carpet flooring’s undertones were cool, so blue fabrics were used on the chair’s window covers and trim fabric. We chose a taupe fabric to shade the light fixture because the wallcovering was a mix of warm and cool colors.

You might try a saturated gray

Designer Amy Leferink loves the idea of incorporating a saturated grey into a room with gray flooring. She says that gray is one of the most versatile colors in the design. “Depending on the undertones, almost any color can be used.”

Leferink says she enjoys creating contrast.

Say Yay to the Navy

Designer Judy Pickett loves pairing blue and gray, especially when it comes to moody colors.

She says, “I love working in different shades of grey, especially those with blue undertones.” It works well with deep paint colors, such as navy, or deep teal, like this living room. This allows them to stand out, especially when paired with neutral furniture.

Make it Colorful

Gray rooms are too dark for furniture, so why not be bright and cheerful? Designer Eleanor Troepte states that gray is almost a blank canvas, allowing you to experiment with color. I like a soft grey with a little bit of tan and painting it almost the same color on the wall. Then, bring in bright furniture and art to make it stand out.

Or, Tone on Tone

You might prefer a tone-on-tone look. Gray is a great color to incorporate into your home.

Designer Malka Helft comments: “I love when a rug is a bit gray throughout so there’s dimension but also a line to the furniture in a room.” You can use almost any color furniture with it if it is a soft shade such as this. You can choose a saturated grey or black for a more tonal look.

Think Pink

A pop of pink can instantly brighten up any space. A pink chair can make a bold statement when paired with black, white, or gray pieces.

This setup is a great way to get the best of both. There’s some tone-on-tone action but also lots of energy. This setup may be for you if you are a fan of pink but not obsessed.

Include Neutrals

These woven chairs, which are neutral pieces, shine on top of a gray rug. If you want to add color, throw pillows or blankets can be added. If you want to add some vibrance to your living room, place a more colorful piece like a sofa or settee to the side.

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