What Is Commercial Painting?

It is almost obvious that residential painting serves a purpose. It covers all aspects of a home’s regular painting needs, including exterior walls, interior walls, roofing, sheds and roofs. Commercial painting is, however, more complicated because there are many different applications for paint in this sector.

We might be able to help you understand why you need a commercial painting team.

The Broad Strokes

A commercial painter, on a broad scale, is someone who serves the commercial sector. This includes restaurants, shops, offices, and stores. A low-level strata painter can be hired to do some painting for apartments or townhouses. Their skills in large office painting translate well to painting multi-residential properties.

Commercial Painters Auckland have developed a specialization in their skills to meet the long-term and large-scale needs of the commercial sector. This includes changes like modified interior and exterior painting methods and specialised roof coatings.

The Finer Details

A commercial painter’s specialization is not beneficial for small-scale projects such as painting a residential home. It’s better to contact a professional painter if you have large properties that you would like painted.

You might need to paint a logo for your store or power wash a large corporate office. In either case, commercial painters should be contacted. You might also need a commercial painter for hotel remodeling, which can be very detailed, or masonry repair, that is more delicate.

The first is because of the size of the project. In the second, the repair of masonry will require a paintjob to match the existing facade. This will be a case where the commercial painters will need to have the necessary skills.

Find the right painter for every situation

It is important to know the difference between a residential and commercial painter. A residential painter is best if you are looking to paint a small area of a residential home. However, a commercial painter might be better if you have a large project or require delicate work, such as multi-residential properties.

Premier Painting’s commercial painters have extensive experience in all aspects of the job and can help you bring your project to a successful conclusion. All of our painters are employed directly by Premier Painting, rather than working with contractors. We also use as much of our equipment as possible to ensure that our work is completed on time and without additional fees.

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