Top 4 Reasons Why Home Painting Projects Fail In Auckland

These are some of the most common reasons why home painting fails.

1. Wood Issues

Wood problems are the most common problem that you may have encountered when painting your Auckland home. These issues are usually caused by wood that is wet or hot.

You can solve this problem by letting the wood dry in the sun for a few days. To solve the second problem, it is best to avoid painting the wood if the temperature exceeds 90degF. The wood will no longer be too hot for painting.

2. Temperature and weather

Temperature/weather is another important factor to consider. In this case, the main problem is that it’s too humid and too cold.

It is best to paint the outside of your home when the temperature is between 40-50degF. (Depending on the type and color of paint that you are using). Painting the house at a time when it’s not humid outside can solve humidity issues. It will protect the paint from failure by preventing water evaporation during the drying process.

3. Siding

Unfinished siding is another problem you should be aware of when painting your home in Auckland. This siding is often exposed to the sun for several weeks before it’s painted.

It can lead to many problems because the sun will degrade the surface of the siding. There are some things you can do to protect your siding if it has been in the sun for longer than four or three weeks.

Before painting the siding, sand it and/or power-wash it. This will remove the degraded layer of wood that is on top of your siding.

4. Interior Humidity

Humidity is another problem that you may encounter while painting your home in Auckland. You may be experiencing paint failure outside of your bathroom or kitchen. This is likely due to humidity in the home.

This problem is caused by humid air trying to escape the home through the wood siding. If you have a humidifier, turning it down can help solve this problem. You can also reduce humidity by turning on the exhaust fan in your bath. The goal is to remove some of the humidity from the air, so it does not seep through your siding.

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