This Is How Often You Should Vacuum Your Home, Experts Say

Vacuuming your floors is a routine chore, and, as per experts’ advice, you may have to do it more often than you believe. The recommended frequency is at least twice per week in most households, especially in rugs or carpets, as per specialists Derek Chiu and Leslie Tam of UrbanMop.

Several times a week may sound like something to do, but there are many reasons to ensure your floors stay in top form. As time passes, dust like gunk, dirt, allergens, and pests can build over your flooring, leaving your feet dirty and possibly uncomfortable.

“Vacuuming regularly is important because it means you stay on top of dirt, allergens, and dust that accumulates in your home,” Will Cotter, COO of HappyCleans, is adamant about cleaning your floors. Additionally, there’s something extraordinary about walking across freshly cleaned carpets or freshly-sprung hardwood flooring.

Indeed, this twice-a-week principle isn’t without its pitfalls. Particular floors should be swept more frequently than others, while some feet can be regularly vacuumed. In the next section, we’ll take through the details of how often you should clean and offer tips on getting maximum results each time you vacuum.

Derek Chiu and Leslie Tam are co-founders, Directors, and founders of UrbanMop, a cleaning service business based out of Ottawa.

Will Cotter is the COO of HappyCleans, a cleaning business headquartered in Oklahoma City.

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Floors?

Many cleaning professionals will advise that you vacuum your floors at least once every week, based on the number of feet you receive. Cotter states that areas with high traffic must be cleaned twice a week since these areas contain the highest levels of dirt. Vacuuming these often will avoid Matt.

According to Cotter, you could vacuum low-traffic areas less often. “On average, you should vacuum once a week to keep the floor clean and reduce dirt in your home,” Cotter says.

Chiu and Tam both agree. “If you don’t have as much time to vacuum as recommended, it is better to prioritize the high-traffic areas over the low-traffic areas,” they suggest. “It would be best if you tried to vacuum the high-traffic areas at least once or twice a week, and low-traffic areas once a week or once every other week.”

In determining the frequency at which you vacuum, it is essential to consider how many people or pets–live in your house. If you are a pet owner, it is recommended that you vacuum regularly since pet fur could quickly get on carpets, furniture, and floors, Chiu and Tam explain.

How to Vacuum Your Floors to Get the Best Results

The problem is that you’ll likely need to vacuum more often than now. However, the good news is that cleaning is simple. By following some simple steps, it is possible to make sure you get the best results each moment you sweep.

Dust the Room Before Your Vacuum

Make sure to dust your house before vacuuming. This will prevent dust from floating around while you vacuum and help you get a better clean.

“Dust the room before you vacuum,” Cotter advises. “Vacuuming should always be the last thing you do.”

Clean Off Your Vacuum Before Using It

Ensure your vacuum is in good condition before you begin using the machine to vacuum your house. Begin by emptying the bin from your vacuum. After that, clean all dirt, dust, or hair accumulated from the vacuum.

“Before even vacuuming, be sure to empty the dust bin in your vacuum to ensure a better clean,” Chiu and Tam suggest. “It would help if you also tried to cut off any tangled hair on the roller to ensure that all dirt and dust can easily enter the vacuum.”

Vacuum in a Crisscross Pattern

Instead of vacuuming in a sequence of straight lines, consider using a series of overlaid diagonal lines. The best pattern is a crisscross; this way, you’re less likely to overlook areas on the flooring, according to Cotter. The movement of carpet fibers created by this technique can help lift dust out of the pores of the carpets.

Use a Brush to Target Hard-to-Reach Areas

If you find it difficult to clean areas–like corners, nooks, and trim, you can target them using the brush extension on your vacuum.

Chiu and Tam recommend using a small brush to concentrate on corners and edges.

Finish Things Off With a Sweep

After vacuuming and sweeping, take the time to clean your home. For any remaining dirt, ensure you employ a broom for sweeping all dirt and hair. This will ensure that you’ve cleaned every bit of the gunk from your home, not just the things your vacuum can quickly soak up.

Tips to Keep Your Home Cleaner Longer

Refresh the air as you vacuum. Put a cotton ball saturated with three drops of the essential oil you like in the canister of your vacuum. When you vacuum, it will scent the air.

Use all your vacuum accessories to get into the cracks and crevices of your house.

Clean the bristles every couple of uses. Empty the canister at each use, and wash it off. Also, examine the filters at least once a month.

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