These small bathroom ideas are budget-friendly and will transform your space

Are you ready to transform your bathroom? It’s not your only desire to transform your small bathroom. Google Trends shows that there was a 400% increase in searches for small-budget bathroom ideas over the past year.

Even though the cost of remodeling your bathroom may seem high, there are many creative ways to transform small spaces without spending a lot, including the beautiful loo.

To inspire your next DIY project, we’ve compiled a list of 40 ideas that are budget-friendly, some of which can be rented.

Budget below $100

You don’t have to spend a fortune to remodel your bathroom. These are some of the creative ideas you can make for $100 or less.

Get new towels

When was the last time that you bought new towels for your bathroom? You can swap out your towels for new linen if you don’t know how long they have been there or if the quality is starting to get stale.

Modify the shower curtain

Sometimes, all it takes to transform the bathroom’s look is a stylish shower curtain. For a truly unique look, choose one with intricate patterns and shapes.

Recycle old furniture

Don’t throw away old storage and accessories. Instead, make use of them. You can recycle old decor to make something useful and attractive. You can upcycle an old ladder to make a chic bath towel rack.

Add chic accessories

You can make a cohesive design with luxury bathroom accessories, including soap dispensers and toothbrush holders. You can personalize your bathroom accessories by adding a basket of toiletries or grooming products to the printable labels below.

Mount a Modern Mirror

You can give your vanity a facelift by replacing the mirror. A larger, more modern mirror in a geometric frame will add character and light to the small space.

Use greenery as a decorative element

Biophilic decor, which is the use of plants and natural elements to decorate a space, is making a comeback. Houseplants can be used in the bathroom to reduce moisture and add beauty without taking up too much space.

You might consider floating shelves

Mounted shelves, also known as floating shelves, are a great way to display decor and free up space. It is possible to have the mounting properly secured by hiring a local Carpenter.

Choose Peel-and-Stick Tiles

Are you looking for an inexpensive and quick way to update old tiles? Chic peel-and-stick tiles can give your walls a makeover. They are easy to change and remove as needed.

Hang elegant artwork

Elevate the mood in a small bathroom by using elegant artwork. You can hang a large frame to make a statement, or a collection of smaller frames to create a beautiful collage.

Budget below $250

These ideas are for those with a bit more budget to renovate their bathrooms. They cost less than $250.

Make a theme

It will be easier to choose decor and upgrades if you stick to a particular theme. A nautical bathroom, for example, will be more influenced by blue and white paint options and rustic hardware.

Give it a paint job

You can take risks with color. Use color-changing wall paint like an ombre and a sponge roller to create cool textures.

Invest in a Bidet

A bidet is a great way to support sustainable living. It can reduce the use of toilet paper and water consumption. A bidet costs as little as $170. There are attachment options available for even lower prices.

Install new flooring

Are you looking for an affordable way to improve your floors? Vinyl flooring is an affordable option that costs between $2.50 and $5 per square foot. Vinyl flooring is durable, water-resistant and stain-resistant. It also comes in many colors and designs. You can either hire a vinyl floor installer in your area.

Get rid of the bathtub

You might consider removing a tub from another bathroom and installing a shower in its place.

Step up the shower enclosure

Showers don’t have to look boring. Sliding glass doors or wall tiles can instantly update your shower enclosure for a spa-like design. A professional can show you a variety of options that will fit your budget.

Get a stylish window tint

Window tint can be used to add privacy to your bathroom and block UV rays. It also retains heat inside the home. Tinting house windows costs on average $600.

Consider Decorative Wainscoting

Wainscoting can be described as a wood paneling or tile that is added to the lower third wall. It adds aesthetic appeal and protects it from damage. To instantly transform a small bathroom into a luxurious spa-like space, add paneling to its walls.

Install a shower bench

A shower bench is an attractive addition to the bathroom that makes it accessible for wheelchair users and easy for everyone to use.

Float the Vanity

You can save space but not compromise on style. Wall-mounted vanity designs create the illusion of floating, which makes small bathrooms seem larger.

You don’t need a lot of money to make simple, but clever improvements. You can make your bathroom look great, regardless of its size, with some creativity and careful planning.

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