Spaces Are Closed Floor Plans That Work Well Back

After nearly three decades of popularity, the open floor plan is finally going out of fashion. Open floor plans first appeared in homes after World War II, when Americans wanted more space for entertaining and raising their children.

Trends are inevitable. However, eliminating all barriers between home and work in 2022 has accelerated the transformation. Our homes are no longer just places to live, socialize and raise children. They were offices, daycares and schools.

Closed floor plans can be easily addressed with some design considerations. Those with limited imaginations will not have to worry about lighting, cramped spaces, or poor traffic flow. These spaces are proof of that.

Get Experimental

Bespoke Only chose a curved sofa for this open-plan sitting area. The curved shape of these four walls is repeated in the tables, armchairs, footstools, and built-in shelving. This bold trend doesn’t need to be the main focal point of your home.

Consider Colorful Ideas

Choosing a colour for your space is the most difficult task you will face, whether open or closed. Closed spaces allow for more experimentation. You don’t need to stick to one colour scheme throughout your home or become a maximalist.

Scale and proportion

To have the right scale and proportions in a large room with an open layout, furniture and decor should be larger. You can have more fun with small pieces like this wooden table, cafe chairs, and sideboard in enclosed spaces.

Keep the flow going

Walls and doors don’t need to stop the flow of traffic, energy, or toddlers’ toy trucks. As Erin Williamson demonstrated in her living and sitting rooms, furniture should not be placed within the transition space. Pocket doors can be a great way to maximize sightlines and use space.

Lighting Is Exciting

Add lighting to walls. When designing this living space, Emily Bowser made sure to keep lighting in mind. This room has more interest and excitement than natural lighting, thanks to overhead lighting, standing lamps, wall sconces and a table lamp.

You Have Many Needs

A closed floor plan allows you to address multiple needs in one space. It would be best if you made targeted, specific choices. You can keep the kitchen open for cooking by placing a command centre at the counter or adding a few stools to the island rather than a breakfast nook. You can make a big difference with small changes.

Take a look at these sightlines

Sightlines can prevent closed spaces from feeling isolated and unrelated by making them feel like one room. The dining room is well-placed to have sightlines leading from the top to the kitchen and the various seats at each table to the front hallway and living area, which are just outside the frame.

Get Some Privacy

Many people consider homework, daycare and a place to socialize. Marie Flanigan Interiors created this space with closed floor plans. It is a place of quiet. This sitting room is transformed into an oasis with double doors and wallpaper with a natural pattern.

Maximize natural light

A single window can provide natural light to illuminate a room. This room can be illuminated by reflective wood flooring, cool-toned walls and sheer curtains. Add natural elements and textures like plants and woven baskets for an indoor-outdoor feeling.

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