Rooms prove bold design choices are worth the risk

Interior design is about creating a space you are happy in, both creatively and physically. The beauty of the interior design is that it allows you to design a space that is entirely your own, going outside the box as much as you want.

Bold design choices can make a space more appealing, regardless of your style preferences. Do you love bright colours? Accept them. Enjoy mixing design styles? You can choose as many styles as you wish. Do you prefer a space that is full of contrast? You can do it. These spaces are a great example of bold design.

Headboard Mural

This bedroom has many distinctive features, including the rich, rounded leather headboard, the heron-themed mural and the duvet cover. The muted but still unusual colour palette makes it all work. It has an art deco-inspired vibe to it. The combination of features makes it a fun yet relaxed space.

Electric Blue Paneling

Panelling and moulding are decorative wall accents that add an extra dimension to any room and can be used as a nod toward design from decades ago. The use of electric blue paint now modernizes this panelling. This colour is bold and striking, but details such as the sofas’ soft grey cushions and the chandeliers add softness.

Mixing old and new

Although the open-plan living room looks simple, it becomes more striking when you pay attention to the details. The unusual colour combination of the sofa and accent chairs with the white kitchen and more traditional blue accent chairs creates visual interest. You can add another layer to your design by combining different shapes, from the more organically curved sofa to the sharper lines of the chairs. Combining the modern sofa and the traditional rug creates a new layer.

Large Wallpapers in a Small Space

The oldest design rule is that you should not place large prints in small spaces. However, this could not be more true. Although bold wallpapers like this can be risky, they can pay off. Bathrooms aren’t often given much attention. This bold wallpaper is a great way for you to make a statement and have some fun. The black ceiling and floor ground the space.

Pastel Kitchen

This kitchen shows that pastel colours don’t have to be reserved for nurseries. Although pastel pinks and green might seem odd choices for a kitchen design, this room pulls it off. Modernize it: The shape of the backsplash tiles and marble countertop and the knobs on the cabinets and decorative items make this a stylish choice for a kitchen.

Bright Terrazzo Floor

It isn’t easy to choose one bold design in this room. Are the emerald-green walls it? Perhaps it’s the orange sofa or statement pendant light. It’s difficult to beat the bright, terrazzo floor that seamlessly blends the various elements. It features the orange wall art and sofa, a white chair and green walls. This makes it feel like one space.

Even the lower cabinets, which would look plain in any other space, contribute to the overall effect. The result is a kitchen unlike any we’ve ever seen.


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