Prettiest, Most Luxurious Indoor Pools We’ve Ever Seen

There is a lot of attention paid to outdoor pools, and for a good reason. They are eye-catching and fun and ideal for hot-weather hangouts. Indoor pools are also worthy of admiration.

Indoor pools can be just as beautiful as outdoor pools. Indoor pools are more versatile than outdoor pools because they can be used all year round, no matter the weather.

Your visions of indoor swimming pools might be limited by what you have seen. Indoor pools come in many sizes and styles. You can find indoor pools with plant-lined walls that feel like tropical retreats, pools that could be used as a spa, or ideal pools for exercising. You’ll also find many other indoor pool options, from modern to rustic to opulent.

No matter how your home is designed, an indoor pool design will suit it even if you don’t have enough space for an indoor pool, and you can still find one that is beautiful to escape to for a few minutes.

Take a chance on a Dark Palette

Pools are often seen as fun, bright spaces. You can create a cozy atmosphere in an indoor pool by using a dark colour scheme. You can choose a dark lining for your pool and cover the walls with dark tiles. Then, you can line your ceiling with wood panelling.

Cozy Seating Fills Your Space

You need to be able to relax after you get out of your pool. You don’t need to use the same weather-resistant items you would find near a pool to furnish an indoor space. So surround your pool with extra-cozy couches and pillows – make sure they are water-friendly enough for a wet bathing suit.

Enjoy a Beautiful View for Yourself

You can make your indoor pool feel more like an outdoor one by adding a beautiful view. You can enjoy beautiful views of the outdoors by covering one wall of your pool room with floor to ceiling windows.

Use Pretty Tiles to Line Your Pool

There are many options when it comes to pool lining. There are many options for lining your pool. You can go simple with a fibreglass liner, add texture with cement lining or use a lot of beautiful tiles. This unique approach will create a beautiful pool. You can choose to use one colour of tiles or mix and match several colours.

Invest in a Poolside Fireplace

Do you want to create a space that is luxurious and inviting? A fireplace can be paired with your indoor pool. This combination is as cozy as you can get. With some carefully placed stonework, it’s possible to bridge the gap between your pool and your fireplace seamlessly.

Knife Edge Pools Make a Statement

The water level in most pools is several inches lower than the edges. You don’t want water to spill out when someone jumps into the pool. Some clever designers have managed to create knife-edge pools, which are pools that are filled with water at the surface level. This creates a seamless effect on the floor that makes it look like one continuous surface. It’s both elegant and bold.

Make the most of the space you have

Although a large, open space is ideal for indoor pools, it’s not the only location you have. You don’t have to be limited by a narrow, long hallway. It could be transformed into a lap pool for exercise or a lazy river.

Plants will fill your space

Although your pool might not be outside, surrounding it with lush foliage can feel like a tropical escape. You can decorate your tables with flowers or fill your corners with potted plants.

You can always make a raised bed for housing a garden or poolside.

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