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We can read and listen to all the advice that “smart” people, pundits, and marketers would give you about the future of interior design as we are in a time of great change. But I will offer something completely different.

Looking Back at the Past

Look back at our history. We’ve seen industries that have tried to grab a piece of the pie more than once but ended up looking like Charlie Brown after repeatedly trying to kick the ball under Lucy’s fingers.

Try this. Do that. Wait, scratch that. Add in this. Be everywhere. Run in circles. Deplete your energy. Repeat the process.

You end up being dissatisfied by the results, and you are in a constant state of WTF.

Where are all those strategies? They feel like a baseball has hit them and wish to go back to simpler times.

You must a) be your advocate and ask yourself why you should listen to anyone who offers you advice.

Designing the Future

You will need to understand why the things that the gurus told you did not work.

There are no shortcuts. Your business will not be saved by jumping on every platform of social media known to man. It’s too much noise, not enough value. You’d be better off if you just left the bad advice behind.

You can’t replace your intelligence with anything that gurus say. You should know your business more than anyone else (or you should; if not, you need to get your head into the game).

You are the key to success when you take the initiative to develop your business strategy.

There’s a lack of truth and authenticity in the industry. They are afraid to speak their mind because a pissy-pants person might cancel them. Do not let this be you. There is a lack of authenticity and integrity everywhere.

You can get along with others if you like, but does that really reflect how you would run your business?

If I was selling design, I might give my opinion on some crappy legal proposals that would affect my clients. My opinion might be in the minority, or I could be the first person in my industry to voice it.

I cannot stress this enough: we are in a time of transition, similar to 2008/2009. However, the future outcome will be very different.

We won’t repeat the mistakes made after the “great depression” – global citizens are ready for a new era. Aren’t you? What does this mean for you and your clients?

You and your client want to achieve balance in how you will live together in the future. We all have a personal vision of what we want to achieve.

You’ll have some clients who will still want to buy expensive items without any rhyme or reason. But they won’t make up the majority of your clientele.

The first step is to live a life with intention, focusing on better mental, physical, and spiritual health.

You can help them create a life that supports their wishes. You will be a person they can rely on as you empathize and “prescribe” the pieces to their space so that they find peace.

It would be best if you were focusing on how much of a change this will bring for you and how to build a community around you that shares similar goals.


People are reluctant to change and look for shortcuts.

When it comes to interior design, we are talking about getting people to see things in a new light. It may take a while for major companies to implement their marketing plans before they decide whether or not it’s time to let go of bad habits. But you can get ahead of the game.

I have always said that content is king and not content that’s on social media with a short shelf life. You must produce content that is easily indexed and shared (blogs or videos with transcripts in blogs).

When the tide changes, you will be in the position of being the expert who predicted this long before Houzz, House Beautiful, and otherworldly publications came in to sell everyone on it.

You can reap many benefits from holistic interior design. But you have to cut through the world salad to explain it to others, even to their five-year-olds.

But I have said it before, and it still stands – you should only enter Holistic Interior Design if you believe in and fully understand what you are offering as a service. Holistic interior design demands integrity and wisdom on the part of all parties.

I’m sure some scumbags will offer these services, but you can sniff them out and educate your clients about the scumbags.

Katherine L. Branton

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