Parisian Interior Design and Decor: A Comprehensive Guide

It’s impossible to imagine living in a chic Parisian apartment. For a long time, we have been enamoured with French-inspired decor. Designer Joshua Smith said that the Parisian style is popular because it transports people to other places–it’s calm, elegant, and yet, worldly.

The Parisian decor is all casual elegance. We also love the emphasis on mixing and matching old and newly discovered.

Smith says that sustainability is a top priority for many people today. This has led to a significant increase in people seeking pre-loved items. The Parisian style allows antique and vintage items to be used as art in the space. Every item feels like it has a story to tell and a purpose.

Install wall moulding

Install picture frame moulding in your living, bedroom, or anywhere else that you want to bring the classic Parisian apartment look into your home. You don’t have to be a renter to get picture frame moulding. You get bonus points if you include ceiling moulding.

Incorporate a Faux Fireplace

A beautiful mantel is a must in a Parisian home. A standalone faux fireplace can be installed in any room. There are many styles to choose from at different price points.

Hang an ornate mirror

Parisian apartments are famous for their large ornate mirrors. These mirrors hang over the fireplace mantels to add drama. We promise you that you will not regret it if you do it big. Mirrors add a lot of style to any space.

Consider Neutral

Parisian apartments are known for their neutrals. You can incorporate them in various ways, including an abstract pieces, coffee tables books or sculptural pieces. And don’t forget to add contemporary pieces.

Smith says that Parisian decor is not limited to intricate wall mouldings. It can also be minimalistic and modern. It’s simpler than French country decor, and it has an effortless feeling of simplicity.

Do not Forget About the Fresh Flowers

You can make it appear that you have just left the local farmers’ market by placing fresh flowers on every bedside table throughout the week. Pink flowers are romantic and beautiful. Think roses, peonies or tulips.

Say Hello to Marble

Marble is elegant and distinctive. Marble coffee tables are durable and can double as art pieces. You can jazz up your coffee table with some chic, thoughtfully placed coffee table books you can flip through while enjoying a Pan au Chocolate.

Designer Kellie B. Burke says that “Parisian decor looks stylish and timeless, with bold pops in modernism art and antiquity.” It’s simple and elegant but not cluttered or matchy-matchy.

Display lots of art

Hanging up lots of art will bring the Parisian museum to feel to your home. They don’t have to be costly. Just choose pieces that you love.

You can be creative with your photos and put them in a unique arrangement, such as this one. This result is both whimsical and sophisticated.

Please keep it simple and chic

Designer Kristina Philips said, “Parisians have always mastered simple and chic design. From what they wear to how they decorate their homes.” Their effortless style is based on keeping things clean-lined and well-portioned. French interiors have a strong sense of history. Playing up architecture gives spaces a French touch.

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