Paint professionals tell you how often to repaint your house’s exterior to maintain curb appeal

It is crucial always to appreciate the importance of curb appeal. Repainting is essential in maintaining your home’s curb appeal, whether you want to sell it or impress your neighbors.

How often should you paint the exterior of your home? It may not be as often as you think, but timing is crucial to preventing your house from appearing rundown.

We explain how often to paint the exterior of your house and how you can keep it looking great between coats.

How often to paint a house’s exterior

Experts suggest you repaint your house every 5 to 10 years, depending on its condition.

Kelly Mardis is a professional painter in Tempe, Arizona. She owns Marcel Painting.

They may warp if you haven’t painted the fascia boards in the last ten years. The only way to fix warped boards is to replace them. The paint protects the stucco and wood.

Kelly adds, “If you allow the paint to go beyond ten years, the surface can become “chalky.” This happens when the paint on top starts to disintegrate. The resin holding the color together breaks down, and the minerals and pigments of the paint are left on the surface.

When should you paint more often?

It is essential to consider your climate when deciding how often you should repaint. This is according to Tony Adams, a home improvement expert with DIYGeeks.

Paint can degrade faster (even exterior colors) and peel, crack, and fade when exposed to harsh weather conditions. The wood underneath can be exposed to the elements, causing it to rot.

How can I paint my house less often?

You can reduce the times you need to repaint by regular maintenance, using quality materials, and correctly preparing your home.

Kelly Mardis, a professional painter, says that since you must repair peeling paint before repainting, you should remove as much old paint as possible before applying a new layer. Begin by removing any loose debris and then pressure-washing the surface. This will remove dirt, grime, and loose paint flakes.

Before repainting the surface, inspect it for any damage that needs repairing. Kelly says that cleaning the surface is a good idea. Kelly says a typical job is to patch any stucco or fill in cracks as soon as possible. Fill the trials using suitable materials for outdoor use. Otherwise, you may have to remove it by hand later.

Choosing a primer that will work with your home’s material and the paint you are about to apply is essential. Ray Brosnan is a painting expert who founded Brosnan Property Solutions. He says choosing a primer designed for your house’s materials and the paint you will be applying is crucial.

He recommends considering factors like durability, resistance against UV radiation, and ease of maintenance. You should also choose colors complementing your home’s architectural style and surrounding environment. Start at the top, then work your way downwards. Use a mixture of rollers, brushes, and sprayers, depending on the surface. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the application and drying time.

Ray says, “Always paint two coats for better durability and coverage.”

What is the best month to paint outside?

Paint should be painted outside during the warmest months. This is between late spring and early summer. Suppose you live in an area with a wet climate and paint in early autumn. The humidity and temperatures are ideal for the paint to dry correctly and not get sticky from excess moisture or to dry slowly at freezing temperatures.

Can you paint over old exterior paint?

You can paint and prime over the old paint after cleaning it. However, you should remove any peeling paint patches to ensure your new paint adheres properly and does not peel prematurely. You can use a stiff-bristled paintbrush or pressure washer to remove the peeling paint.

How often you need to repaint the exterior of your home will ultimately depend on the climate in which you live and the quality of the paint used. Many professionals, including handyman Shlomo Cherniak from Cherniak Home Services, recommend hiring a professional to repaint or repair the exterior of your home rather than try it yourself.

It is possible, but it’s something other than what he recommends for beginners.

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