Money-Saving Strategies: 6 Tips for Furnishing a New Home on a Budget

Moving into a new home is an exciting time, but it’s also an incredibly expensive one. Not only do you have to pay for the house itself, but there will usually be connection fees, general moving costs and more. That’s before you even factor in any loose ends that need tying up at your old place. 

With that in mind, it’s perfectly understandable to want to furnish your new home on a budget, especially if it’s your first place or you don’t already have a set style in mind. To achieve this goal, implement the six steps below:

Go for Quality Over Quantity 

Going for quality over quantity will ensure that your new belongings stand the test of time. Best of all, this tactic also adds a luxe feel to your space. In the kitchen, you could build a curated selection of cookware from Australia’s best cookware brands rather than simply filling your cupboards with things you’ll probably break quickly or never use. 

Apply the same methodology throughout your house, especially with big-ticket purchases. You may spend a little more than you planned to initially. However, consider this an exercise in long-term budgeting rather than simply going for whatever is cheapest at the time of purchase.  

Select Statement Pieces

Another great way to save money when furnishing a new home is to focus on statement pieces. This allows one design element to command the room, meaning you can keep the other elements pretty tame. Simple items often come at a lower price point, but they will still make your space feel elegant if you have statement pieces doing all the heavy lifting. Art makes a great statement piece in any space and can even help hide the fact that your sofa came from goodwill.

Shop Second Hand

Speaking of goodwill, while there’s a lot of trash in many second-hand stores, you can also find your fair share of treasures. Shopping second-hand is better for the environment as well as your bank account and allows you access to products you may not have otherwise been able to afford.

Focus on What Matters

We know this piece is about saving money,  but there are some places where the higher price point is justifiable. For example, a quality mattress is worth spending a bit more on, as it can impact your quality of life by giving you a better night’s sleep.

Compare Prices

When buying brand new, never go for convenience first; the best way to get a reasonable price is to shop around. While this will take more time than getting everything in one place, it can save you a pretty penny, so it’s worth the effort.

Keep It Simple

Finally, it’s perfectly acceptable to keep your decor minimalistic when furnishing a new home. Not only does this help you settle into the space without clutter, but it also means you’ll have time to save up for higher-quality purchases. As you can imagine, this is far better than ducking down to a cheap department store and filling your home with things you don’t love simply because they’re what you can afford.

Moving into a new home is supposed to be fun, but much of the excitement can be dimmed by money worries. By following these tips, however, you’ll be able to furnish your new home on a much lower budget and enjoy the process while you’re at it.

Katherine L. Branton

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