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Decorative wall clocks come in various styles, from industrial and vintage to sophisticated and modern. They are the ideal accent pieces for your wall. Consider a wall clock if you have extra wall space. This guide will inspire you with ten ideas for wall clock decor.

Think big – BIG

Large wall clocks are a popular way to decorate walls and with good reason. They’re eye-catching and impressive. You can save money on wall decor by using large clocks. The oversized clocks look great in industrial or farmhouse spaces. However, many styles will match the modern and eclectic decor. Choose a simple design to complement your giant clock. Too many details on a clock this size can be overwhelming.

Use one as a dining room centerpiece

They can make stunning centerpieces for dining room walls if they are oversized. You can decorate your walls in various ways with a large wooden wall clock. These clocks will give a whole new meaning to “dinnertime!”

Keep track of multiple time zones

Multiple clocks, each representing a different time zone, can be hung next to one another to create a modern and simplistic design. This is a great way to decorate an area with wall clocks. If you work in a field that requires you to keep track of time zones or have international contacts you want to stay up-to-date with, this urban setup will be beneficial. This is also great if your kids live in another time zone!

Hang Sophisticated, Unadorned Faces

A classy wall clock with a plain face is perfect for any modern or glam design. You can find watches in any style and color, including marble or granite. These clocks are still beautiful and elegant, even though they don’t have any ornamentation or detail. They can be hung alone on large walls.

Abstract Clocks Are Modern Essentials

Modern rooms are perfect for abstract or minimalist wall clocks. Modern design is about simplicity, so wall clock ideas without ornamentation will work perfectly. Place a modern clock over a desk for a minimalist workspace and add simple accents such as small plants, mugs, or bookends.

Track More Than Time

Clocks that display additional gauges, such as temperature, moon phases, or barometers, are unique additions to any decor.

Cuckoo Clocks Add Vintage Charm

The cuckoo is perfect if you want a more detailed and eclectic piece than a typical wall clock. Cuckoo clocks are essential decor in any rustic, country, or cabin-style home. These charming, intricate artisan pieces instantly add intrigue to any space.

Add Function to Your Wall Gallery

The small, antique-looking clocks look great on walls with a lot of art. A round-the-clock paired with angular wall decor pieces or shelves can elevate an eclectic gallery to a new level.

Check out our guide, How to Create a Gallery Wall, for more information.

Cover the Wall with Clocks

Instead of creating a gallery wall with wall art and mirrors, use wall clocks in different styles and sizes to create a stunning, unique wall display. This wall clock idea works well in farmhouses or rustic-style rooms. However, if you choose the correct wall clocks, it can work in any room.

Sunbursts are a great way to start your day

A sunburst clock is a stunning accent piece that can be used in any room. Sunburst clocks have a unique design that is both modern and eclectic. They are designed with border pieces that mimic the rays of the sun. These pieces are stunning on their own or paired with other decorative elements. You can make a bold statement by placing a sunburst clock above your bed, couch in the living room, or bench at the entrance.

How to hang a wall clock

You may be wondering how high you should hang a wall clock. Hang your clock at eye level. You should raise the clock slightly if the room has lots of space or a high ceiling. This will draw attention from all directions.

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