Modern bed design

Modern bedroom designs and contemporary architecture are great for creating a statement in your bedroom. The key to success is choosing the right colors, materials, and designs that blend old and new.

Be careful not to overdesign contemporary bedrooms. Be aware that modern design can feel clinical and stark. To balance this, add warmth to the room with lots of wood, texture, and layers of lighting.

The texture is important in bedrooms. This is especially true for modern bedrooms. Our carefully curated collection of contemporary bedroom ideas will inspire you to try a new color scheme, rethink your bedroom layout, or embrace the latest trends.

Modern Bedroom Ideas

Every standout scheme is centered around beautiful fabrics, textiles, and wallpaper. But how can you decide which approach to take for your bedroom design? Start with our gallery of modern bedroom designs for a look and detail full of finesse.

The Modern Bedroom: Bolder Colors

Bedroom Color Ideas are personal and especially for your sleeping sanctuary. You must surround yourself with colors, shades, and combinations that make sense. Most people are more daring with their clothing than their homes. If your wardrobe is full of colors, your home should be as well.

Choose a bed rug or a headboard design that has several colors. Let it be your guide. Choose the colors that you love and incorporate them throughout the room. Add a few unexpected pops of color to avoid the space feeling ‘done.’

Don’t forget your ceiling ideas, too. You don’t need to make a significant impact. Maybe you can choose the palest color for your bedroom walls or another tonal shade.

Supersize your Headboard

The trend of supersized, grand headboards has been around for some time. However, the style is changing. Matt’s colors have replaced the glossy textures, making the shapes more complex. Curves and free-form, asymmetrical pieces are replacing the rectangle. They’re almost works of art. Before placing an order, find an upholsterer with headboard experience and discuss your ideas about shapes, sizes, and fabric.

Buy The Best Bedroom Lighting

Different levels and types of bedroom illumination ideas in a modern room can change the mood from practical to relaxed or reading before bedtime. It’s also something to consider when choosing colors.

Sarah Barker, from Vanrenen GW Designs, considers functionality and aesthetics when choosing the proper lighting in a bedroom. Lighting should be dim and atmospheric but also allow for reading. I don’t like overhead lights in modern bedrooms, so I use wall lights near the bed to add some attractive light.

Wallpaper: Get Creative

Do not limit yourself to just bedroom wall wallpaper ideas for your walls. Have fun and be creative when creating a modern bedroom.

Patrick O’Donnell is the brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball. He says: “Don’t throw away a scrap – there are many ways to use a half-roll that’s lying around.” Inside cupboards and doors on interior walls are good places to begin your wallpaper adventure. They will give a room more impact and detail.

Closets in a tiny bedroom can block out a lot of space. But if the door wallpaper matches the wall, they will disappear. The larger the repeat of the pattern, the easier it will be to check.

Use the ‘Fifth Wall’ as a decorative surface

Wallpapering ceilings are a great way to add drama. It works exceptionally well in rooms that are tucked away in the eaves. Ceilings can add a new layer of drama and make a room feel more sophisticated. Interior designer Nicola Harding says that ceilings are often an afterthought but can be a significant design element.

The wraparound motif in this fantastic room idea is critical to creating a cocooning feeling. Sarah Peake of Studio Peake says pattern matching between ceilings, walls, and furniture is difficult. To make it easier, she lined the edges in a braid to hide any imperfections. We used the same trick on the blind but with a contrast edge.

Select Complementary Color Combinations

Modern bedroom color schemes are not always about the future. It can be beneficial to look back at past trends, especially in times of uncertainty.

Joa Studholme is the color curator at Farrow & Ball. She says: “As we think about matching color trends for 2022, we may look beyond the nostalgic colors of the last year to find new, exciting, yet familiar colors.” I am looking for more simple, homely colors that evoke memories. India Yellow and Green Smoke are the perfect combination to produce optimism, which is so essential for our homes in 2019.

Let your Art do the Talking

Modern bedrooms are the most intimate and private spaces in your home. They’re the place where you can relax and indeed be yourself. The importance of art is therefore emphasized. The classic way to start a bedroom design is with a favorite piece of art. This is your cue to experiment with colors, choose two or three and then go from there.

Charlotte Archer is the head of Sanderson’s brand. She says, “Pick a color to use as the foundation, such as an image, a piece of artwork or clothing, and let it be the thread running through your space.” Build your modern palette using complementary or tonal colors. Decorate for yourself and not others. Choose colors, patterns, and styles you like, and you’ll be fine.

Think Pink

In a bedroom of the modern age, it’s time to reconsider pink. A rich, earthy pink can add sophistication to any scheme. It can be a burgundy color or brightened into a deep pink.

Pink is an excellent accent color for a bedroom. There are so many shades of pink to choose from. Dark Pink Room Idea adds depth and personality to any design scheme. It is bold and vibrant and looks great when used as upholstery for a headboard or a bed base.

Natalia Miyar uses different shades of pink in this wallpaper, starting with a raspberry-toned bed base and rising to a dusky, rose tone.

Elizabeth Hay, founder of Elizabeth Hay Design, agrees that this tone is perfect for a scheme that is dark or lacks natural light. It will bring a room to life and highlight and enhance accent colors or color combinations.

Consider Sustainable Furniture

Natural wood brings a subtle texture to a bedroom. Cedarwood has many health benefits and is also practical: cedar wood can line the interior of wardrobes, preventing moths.

Sebastian Cox designed this fitted wardrobe in collaboration with House of Grey. It features doors made of a whitened English Oak frame woven with English Ash. The interior offers a variety of storage options, including shelves, hanging rails, and drawers.

Designer Louisa Grey says, ‘ Our selection of materials such as blackened ash, ebonized cedar, and ebonized oak encourages easier breathing and improves air quality by reducing humidity.’

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