Leather Cleaning and Restoration Service

Are you worried about cleaning your favorite piece of furniture made from leather? Are you having trouble removing stains of your leather furniture? 

Our expert leather cleaners provide regular cleaning and removal of staining for leather furniture and upholstery. We have the expertise of experience, expertise, and tools to assess your furniture and advise you on the best cleaning program.

Let us assist you in maintaining the elegance that your furniture is made of for many years to be.

About Our Leather Cleaning Service

With our leather cleaning service, it’s easy to clean and maintain your leather upholstery.

Leather furniture is very durable, but signs of wear are easily visible. It’s not as absorbent like microfiber or fabric upholstery However, it does take on the same grime and dirt. As time passes sweat, body oils as well as skin acids and regular wear and tear could reduce the look of leather furniture, causing stains as well as dark marks.

The majority of cleaning products being sold aren’t suitable for leather. They can ruin the leather’s finish, causing cracking and dryness. This is why it’s recommended to choose a professional leather cleaning service you can be sure of.

We provide an efficient and safe approach to clean leather. Our service helps restore the shine and vibrancy of your leather and adds years of enjoyment on your purchase.

Our certified Leather Specialists will thoroughly examine your furniture to determine the varieties of leather. They’ll then choose specialized products to cleanse and eliminate soil buildups and other elements that cause stain. We’ll then treat and protect your leather to revive and restore its natural beauty and feel.

Keeping Your Leather Furniture Clean

It is suggested to create a routine cleaning schedule for furniture made of leather. The schedule will include professional cleaning between two and four times per year, based on the level of wear that your furniture will experience.

Between professional cleanings, you can keep the beauty and health of your furniture made from leather by using Soft Cleaner and restoring the protection by using Protection Cream. Both of these products are included in the Carpet Care kit for your home.

Schedule Your Leather Cleaning Appointment Today

By ensuring regular cleaning with a Certified Leather Specialist to prevent excessive wear and keep your leather furniture looking as good as new. Our highly trained technicians will give you a free, no-obligation quotes and offer suggestions to keep your furniture looking good during scheduled maintenance.


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