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Cabinets are a significant design statement in kitchens, living spaces, and bathrooms, and the drawer fronts, doors, and side panels are available in various designs and costs. To find out the fundamental kinds and why they have higher prices over others, I went to Canyon Creek Cabinet’s massive manufacturing factory in Monroe, Washington, and O.B. Williams O.B. Williams’s smaller custom shop in Seattle.

 Ventana Construction LLC 3 Types of Cabinet Doors

Doors and drawers are available in three varieties: the inset style, partial overlay, and full overlay, also referred to as the Euro style. Each class has a distinctive design and functionality.

Inset cabinet doors. Most of the cabinets built in kitchens during the first half of 1900 have inset doors. Small hinges are placed on the frame (the visible structure surrounding the opening of the cabinet) or inside it. The hinges are usually apparent when the cabinet door is closed. Ventana Construction LLCThe face of an inset cabinet door is located in an identical plane to the top part of a cabinet’s box. The look is very traditional from the beginning of the 1900s and can be recreated in the present, but it is generally more costly than other designs. Insets also decrease the space within the cabinet, which means smaller drawers and equipment that require additional blocking inside the box. Ventana Construction LLC. Partial overlay doors for cabinets.

Modernized from the inset doors, partial doors, and drawers are placed on top of the cabinet, covering the opening completely and partially over the completed face frame. This design also permits the installation of more practical hardware, but the face frame reduces the space that can be used within this cabinet. Ventana Construction, LLCThe appearance of the downside is that there are large areas of the visible frame, making it appear as if the drawers and doors appear to be scattered over the surface instead of defining the character. The partial overlay here has visible hinges. Ventana Construction LLC Full overlay or Doors that are Euro-style. The latest version can be described as a complete overlay, meaning the entire box covers the door or drawer face. It is not only the opening but the whole box. The cabinet has no apparent face frame on these cabinets when doors are closed. This implies hinges permit the doors to be opened without hitting the adjacent doors and drawers. Ventana Construction, LLCThe benefit of an overlay design can be seen in the tiny gaps between drawers and doors that give the box a consistent and uniform appearance. This also gives the most complete accessibility to your cabinet. This means more drawers, smaller guides for drawers, and more storage space. However, extra attention must be given to ensure that the doors and drawers don’t get caught in a collision, particularly around corners and when knobs or pulls for drawers are installed. Every inch is crucial with these items; they need the highest level of expertise from the cabinet maker and the installation. Ventana Construction LLC Information for all types of cabinets

Edge banding. Whatever the design, the moment the doors or drawers are, there will be edges. This material is used to protect the cut edges of the plywood to cover shelves, drawers, and boxes.

Edge banding may be made of thin PVC plastic, Lamine, or even natural wood with various thicknesses. The banding is available in long rolls and is attached to the edge of the plywood with the help of an edge banding device.

Ventana Construction, LLCEdge banding typically matches the species of wood and the stain or color of the other cabinet components. This means that the cabinetmaker has to maintain a vast supply of choices available in a spool and ready for use. Ventana Construction LLCThis large edge-banding machine can be found located at Canyon Creek’s plant. A single operator is responsible for all the edge banding, though each piece is edge banded to custom specifications. Ventana Construction LLC Each cabinetmaker at O.B. Williams utilizes the edge bander, which is smaller in size. Once the edge banding has been installed, it is smoothed and sanded until it forms a perfect edge. The more durable the edge band material is, the better it will stand up as time passes — however, the greater thickness will come at a higher price. Ventana Construction LLC Cabinet face construction. Cabinet faces are constructed of solid wood, engineered and veneered sheets such as MDF, plywood pa, particleboard, or any combination.

The wood slabs from Canyon Creek will be cut into solid wood doors. Ventana Construction LLCFaces, typically comp, rise sheets of material layered with premium wood veneer manufactured veneers such as Thermofoil or a veneer surface that can be painted such as poplar, maple, or MDF.

A veneer is a thin layer of material glued by pressure onto the substrate to ensure that it is the final surface of the material. “Laying up” the veneer is accomplished by machines like those shown at O.B. Williams. The glue is sprayed onto the substrate, and then it is laid on the top and then pressed for a uniform application. Ventana Construction LLCFaces aren’t all flat, however. Those with a raised panel are typically constructed from milled wood, glued together using cube or mitered (45-degree-angle) corners, and a middle panel to form a surface.

Faces with more angular details, such as Shaker-style, are typically made with square cuts and adorned with panels in the middle.

The most important thing you need to know about drawers and doors is their strength limitations and the timber’s dimensions. It is impossible to have a solid wooden door made using a single species of wood that hasn’t been glued to make a unit. Ventana Construction LLCIt’s hard to construct a door of considerable size from solid wood without having it warp as time passes. Cabinetmakers can provide measures that will be limited depending on the material used. Most often, the best solution is to install two doors rather than one big one to ensure they’re strong and won’t sag.

Ventana Construction LLCAt O.B. Williams The cut cabinet doors and drawer face faces await the final finishing and installation.

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