Kitchen and Bathroom Add-ons that Will Amp Up Your Space

Having a dreamy and luxurious house with a modern kitchen and bathroom is what every homeowner desires. But not everyone has the time, energy, know-how and budget for hefty makeovers and renovations. But don’t be put off. There’s no doubt that all the effort put in now will be reaped every single day later on.  You just need to get started! 

We hereby bring you a complete list of ideas that you can use to upgrade the look of your kitchen and bathroom in no time.

So, if you are tired of searching for ‘bathroom and kitchen renovations near me,’ and still unable to get a start on it, then these tips will help you feel motivated to create relaxing and welcoming spaces that will lift your mood, and those you live with.

Time to get rid of things: With time, our bathrooms and especially kitchens get cluttered with unnecessary stuff. In order to be able to add new elements, the first thing you need to do is add more space by discarding unwanted items. It could be piles of plastic Tupperware missing their lids in your kitchen or an old loofah in your bathroom. Explore the nooks and get rid of items that you do not use. Give away items that you know you will never use, such as items you haven’t used in a year; an indication that you probably don’t need them.

Add more storage: Open shelves might look great, but it is a fact that they need constant maintenance in order not to look cluttered. Instead of this possible waste of space or area that brings down your whole kitchen, you can add doors to open shelves, some fancy cupboards, and under-sink storage to hide all those items that linger on the kitchen island and tabletop. 

Add some fancy mats and rugs: Your kitchen can get a gorgeous aesthetic feel with an antique mat on your wooden floor or a colourful rug for your plain marble floors. The same goes for your bathrooms; a new rug or mat can amplify the appearance quickly and easily. 

Install some greenery: Having open areas in your bathroom or kitchen is not usually possible for most homeowners in Sydney. Therefore, bringing nature into your home is the next best thing and can add a refreshing feel. The fact is that plants make a space look inviting, and calm, not to mention, beautiful. Moreover, plants like succulents, orchids, and bromeliads help increase oxygen levels in the home. An herb wall or little pots of useful herbs in the kitchen can be pleasing to look at as well as being a practical addiction. 

Incorporate art: If you have some plain walls that need spicing up,  you can install artwork in varied sizes. This should be according to the colour palette and area. Adding paintings of your family members in the kitchen will also make cooking inspirational and memorable. 

Window treatment: The way natural light enters your space brings a lot of energy to the area. Getting stylish window treatments with colours that pop, or just going for a crisp, classic white can create a pure and fresh feel. You can also add some curtains, but make sure they are away from the burner! 

Paints: Changing the colour of your bathroom and kitchen can bring a huge difference. Using pastels and other contrasting combinations will make the space illuminated with elegance and luxury. Some wooden floors, terracotta walls, or ceilings will give a unique and cosy look at an affordable price. Or to save time, you can opt for wallpaper, and there are many gorgeous designs to choose from.

New products: Changing toiletries in the bathroom with new and trendy or stylish ones can also create an immediate upgrade. Moreover, adding new appliances, kitchen decor, and crockery will help you transform your kitchen easily. Make your space useful with functional decor so that you get multiple benefits without cluttering your space. 

This blog has provided some handy and clever tips to help you amp up your kitchen and bathroom. However, if you need professional help with your kitchen and bathroom renovation,  just ask APlan Kitchen and Bathrooms in Sydney. So don’t waste time searching for ‘the best’ kitchen and bathroom renovation service near me‘. Connect with the professionals at APlan who know exactly how to design the bathroom and kitchen of your dreams.  Call now.

Katherine L. Branton

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