Increase your email list growth by creating free resources

You can accelerate the growth of your email list by creating a resource that is free for your audience. This will allow them to do something they have been struggling with or that they want to know more about.

It’s hard to convince someone to sign up for your email list if you don’t offer anything in return. They want something to give up their inbox. It’s a great idea to create free resources that you can offer as bonusesĀ for people who sign up for your list.

Note that I called it a BONUS. Due to GDPR, you must make it CLEARLY VISIBLE that the person signing up is doing so for your email list. The free resource is also a gift. In the signup text, make sure to include this information.

Why some free resources are bad

Your audience’s preferences and the way they consume content will determine how successful your free resource is. Some people prefer to read. Others like to watch videos. Some like worksheets. And some enjoy quizzes.

You can determine which freebie is best to grow your email list by knowing what kind of content your target audience likes. Digging into your analytics will help you find out what content works better.

If you don’t have a lot of data to go on, then look at your niche and see what is popular. You can use your niche as a guide if you do not have much data.

You can use Pinterest as a source of inspiration if you are a holistic designer.

You can create free resources such as

It is best to begin your brainstorming by identifying the first step that you could help them with. This would be part of your process when working on a project for a client.

When working with a client in the design field, you will want to know their budget. The problem is that many people do not know the answer. You can give them a resource to help them budget. It will include a worksheet and the budgets for each room or home.

We know that there are many variations, but by giving them a point of departure, you can ensure that both parties are on the same budgeting page. This will also lay the foundations for future collaborations, should they hire you.

If you are not sure, you might need to ask them and survey them.

What is the biggest challenge you face when doing (whatever YOU do, such as decorating AirBNBs, etc.)?

Consider their struggles in terms of time, emotions, money, experience, and knowledge.

How long should you make your free resource?

Your freebie should not be too long. You can make a PDF for download with 3-5 pages. You can create a video in 20 minutes.

Remember that this is a quick win for them.


You want to make signing up easy, so you should place the signup form all over your website.

Consider these spots

Your home page

Your About Page

Its landing page

Every blog post has a link at the bottom

In the body of a post

The footer of your site

How do you deliver your free resources?

You will be told how to use their system based on which email service you are using. If you’re offering a pdf, you might need to host it somewhere else. You can direct your subscribers to download the file from your website or Dropbox.

You may or may be required to pay an additional fee if you opt for a 5-day series of emails.

You can create a video and upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or another video hosting site. Then, send your subscribers the link to your video in an email.

You can direct your subscribers to an Unlisted Live stream on YouTube if you’re planning to host a webinar-type event.

Create a free resource that you could charge for

It would be best if you thought about the value of your freebies. It would be best if you considered the value of your freebies.

You should make sure that whatever you create is a priority. Your goal should be to attract 100 new subscribers to your list every day.

It may seem like an ambitious goal, but when you are on a mission to help others, and they return the love, you will be proud to have achieved it. Your business will also thank you!

Katherine L. Branton

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