IKEA Desk Hacks You Can Easily Tackle at Home

Look through some of the gorgeous home office spaces on the web. You’ll see the IKEA desk following the IKEA desk. The thing that’s amazing about this isn’t the fact that IKEA desks have become so well-known but that a lot of IKEA desks aren’t sold as desks. They’re not desks that fashion-conscious buyers ordered to complement their interiors. These are desks that creative decorators have put together by using kitchen cabinets, dressers, countertops, and much more.

Filling your home office with kitchen accessories could catch you off guard. However, decorators are doing it every day. Mixing the pairing IKEA items, Designers have designed unique desks that match their space perfectly. They’ve also not had to spend a lot of money on these personalized furniture pieces.

“I love the affordability and versatility of IKEA furniture,” Medina Grillo, the creator behind Grillo Designs, states. “So if I was going to attempt to build a more custom desk myself, it just made sense to hack IKEA furniture to do that.”

Creative decorators like Grillo have tackled many different IKEA desktop hacks and given us plenty of ideas. Here’s a list of some IKEA desk hacks to try at home. We’re sure that any of them can help you improve your workspace.

Upgrade Your Desk Top

A straightforward method to brighten your desk is to Change the top of your desk. If your desk’s surface has become damaged, weathered, or worn out, swap it for a butcherblock countertop. Take a leaf out of Pennies for the Fortune blogger Fariha Nair’s playbook and decorate your desk with shiplap instead of.

Craft a Base From Kitchen Cabinets

If you need storage space, consider using kitchen cabinets as your desk’s base. It might sound strange it may sound, but the kitchen area of IKEA is an excellent starting point when you’re creating your desk. Find the right combination of drawers, cabinets, and shelves that best suits your requirements. Finish off your desk with a suitable size countertop.

Tuck a Floating Desk Into a Narrow Space

The desk you choose to use doesn’t need a base. If you’re in a tight space, you can put your own IKEA shelf on your wall and then use the shelf for your workstation. Make sure you sprinkle with other finishing touches, like the printed wall and a stylish office chair, to make the look more like a workspace.

Cut Your Desk to Fit Your Space

A great piece of furniture should not only look great in your home, but it should also fit in it. Don’t be scared to shave your desk to ensure it is ideally against any corners, trim, or outlets blocking its path.

It may seem like a daunting task; however, one of the best aspects of IKEA is the fact that they are economical. If something goes wrong on the first try, you can order your furniture and attempt again.

Paint Every Drawer a Different Color

The IKEA Desk hack does not need to require construction. By painting all of your drawers on your desk one color, you can personalize your desk without grabbing screwscrews. If you think painting your desk is overwhelming, put your drawers in a line with peel-and-stick stickers instead.

Turn a Traditional Desk Into a Flip-Top

If you’re willing to put in some effort, you could take one of IKEA’s classic desks and make it an open-top desk. By tearing the desk, rearranging its components, and putting in new hinges, you could adapt the design of IKEA and transform it into something entirely new. The process is indeed somewhat laborious. But if you get an office that can meet all your requirements and requirements. Isn’t a bit of elbow grease worthwhile?

Pair Trestle Legs With a Desk Top of Your Choice

If you want to build your desk, IKEA has you covered. A whole section is devoted to tables and trestles, which you can put together with the desktop you like to build a unique desk.

Make the Most of an Office Corner

The best aspect of IKEA Storage Solutions is that they’re plentiful. This means you can create an attractive workspace with minimal work. Combining a couple of IKEA desks and then completing the look with a matching storage unit allows you to furnish your office space with a sleek, efficient, space-efficient, and storage-friendly design.

Turn Tall Cabinets Into a Standing Desk

If you’re the type of person who loves to stand when working, you should consider purchasing an extra-long set of cabinets for your desk’s base. If the tallest cabinets available aren’t enough, consider adding the height by putting feet on the top of each cabinet.

Spray Paint Your Desk Legs

It’s not a rule of thumb that states that making an IKEA desk hack must be complex. If all your desk requires is a little reshaping, you can consider spray painting its legs with vibrant color. The low-maintenance refresh will make your desk more eye-catching–without requiring much effort.

Build Your Desk Into the Wall

For those who want the best interior design, cabinets, shelves, and furniture are built on the wall. If you’re willing to do some work, it’s possible to create this look using just IKEA pieces. Combining drawers, desks, and countertops creates an individual workspace that can cover the entire wall. After that, you can finish the built-in by securing it to the wall.

Pair Two Different Desk Bases

In putting together the components of an IKEA Desk, it’s standard to build a base using two kitchen cabinets that match or two trestle legs. What better way to mix, mix, and fit if all you require is one drawer set? Use cabinets on the one side of your desk base, and put legs with trestles to the opposite. This innovative method will produce an office that appears more individual and fulfills your needs.

Give Your Desk a Slight Overhang

Your desk doesn’t need to fit in a straight line with your desk base. This is a remarkably stylish design, but If you’re looking for something more in-depth, Consider adding an overhang to your desk. The top of your desk should extend over the base of your desk by a couple of inches in each direction.

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