How to monetize your design blog in 7 smart ways

Your blog should not be an annoyance that makes you miserable, although I understand it can feel like this at times. Your blog should be viewed as an income generator! Let’s look at some ways you can monetize a design blog.

If you aren’t making money with your design blog right now, you could be either new to blogging or you haven’t optimized your content so that it can be found.

It’s fine. You can monetize your blog by creating high-quality content. You will need to have at least 50 articles on your blog before you start seeing a significant increase in page views.

5 Smart ways to Monetize your Design Blog

Affiliate Income

You have many options when it comes to monetizing your blog through affiliate income. For example, you can sign up for a program such as Reward Style or ShopStyle Collective. Or, you can use ShareA Sale. There are a lot of options.

Add a weekly feature called “Get The Look,” where you can share your favorite picks and affiliate links, such as chandeliers, pillows, sofas… or whatever else you choose.

You can use these picks to create a blog as well as a Pinterest or Instagram image. You know how people like those! You can then share these links and bring them to your site to increase the chance of getting clicks.


Sign up for Google AdSense to place ads on your site. This will require a lot of page views, but with the right content and time, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Other players may also place ads on your site. They might require that you view a certain number of pages to be able to join their program.

You can sell your own ads through your website. You can offer small businesses the chance to advertise on your site if you have a good relationship with them. You’ll want them to buy an ad in your Media Kit, which you will create.


Have you created a time-saving resource for your clients, such as a budget worksheet or other similar tool? It doesn’t take a thousand hours to make a digital product. Put it on sale.

Sell a Membership

Offer a subscription service where subscribers pay a monthly fee for access to your expertise. You could offer a monthly Q+A for your members, where they can ask for help with their home. Or you could share videos on how to do things.

Create an Online Course or Host a Workshop

You can offer a monthly live event course or workshop where you help people learn about something you are an expert in. You might be a color expert and offer a class on choosing a paint color palette that is cohesive.

You should first consider if there is something that you are constantly asked about.


It would be best if you offered eDesign. I have 10 Ideas for eDesign ServicesĀ that will help you get started.

Consider offering holiday-specific services. You should join the Society if that is something you are interested in. I haveĀ ideas for marketing eDesign services every month of each year.

Post Sponsored Content

If the sponsor’s products are a good fit for your customers, sponsored content is a great option to monetize an interior design blog.

A sponsored post by a manufacturer of paint or wallpaper makes perfect sense to your audience. Sponsored content on a social media application would not make sense.

If you are considering sponsored content, you should only accept it if you believe that your audience would find value in it and you trust the company. Your audience has faith in you and your offer.

LOTS of ways to monetize your interior design blog. You’ll probably find more creative ways than just these to monetize an interior design blog.

You could do reviews of products because let’s be honest. There are many products available for homes.

Do not be afraid to reach out and ask if a particular company is interested in working with you.

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