How to Maximize Your Vacation Rental Returns?

You want your vacation rental guests to have an enjoyable stay. Many vacation rental guests expect their homes to be as clean and tidy as hotels.

You can get 5-star reviews and referrals by ensuring your rental is clean. It’s a great idea to hire a vacation rental cleaner and take a few steps towards helping them whenever possible.

Start by being specific about your expectations

It is important to communicate your expectations when you hire a cleaner. Make sure you give clear instructions to your cleaning service in Orange. You can ask your cleaning service to provide you with a checklist.

Cleansings should be scheduled FAR in advance

It can be hard to plan cleanings, especially for vacation rental owners who take bookings last-minute. However, it is easier to schedule them for specific times.

Owners who rent their property for a week or a specific period will find it easier to schedule cleanings ahead of time. You and your cleaning company will know when your vacation rental is ready for you to clean.

Set check-in/checkout times

It’s much easier to schedule turnover cleanings when you have clearly defined check-in/checkout times. Many vacation rental websites require you to define check-in/checkout times clearly. The hardest part is making sure your guests follow them. Insider tip: A larger window for cleaners can make things run much more smoothly. This will ensure that cleaners have enough time for any surprises.

Last-minute bookings should be avoided as much as possible

Your ultimate goal is to book your vacation rental as frequently as possible. However, most scheduling problems with cleaners arise from last-minute bookings. It can be not easy to schedule turnover cleanings when you have short notice.

However, last-minute bookings are just as valuable than advanced bookings. Discuss with your cleaning staff how much notice they should have for quick-notice jobs. Ask about their policies for last-minute cleanings.

For your guests to use, give them the following guidelines for checkout

It’s important that you are clear about any tasks you require your tenants to do before you leave your vacation rental. Be clear about your “guidelines”. Sometimes asking renters to do small tasks is necessary if you need to get things done quickly. However, vacation home guests will expect some sort of “checkout checklist” before they depart.

The tasks you want your renters to do should not take more than 10 minutes. It is not a good idea to ask guests to clean up after leaving. You can ruin their vacation experience by asking them to do as little as possible before they check out.

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