How to Choose the Right Kitchen Benchtop for your Renovation

A kitchen benchtop can be a major choice and making the right selection can have a massive impact on the design and feel in your kitchen. With the many options available to choose from, picking the best one for your needs can be overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be!
In this blog Our expert interior designers will discuss the most sought-after benchtop options that include pros, cons, and cost to help you choose the best one for your kitchen remodeling.

Reconstituted Stone Benchtop

Reconstituted stone is a sought-after material for kitchen benchtop replacement in Brisbane. It is similar to natural stone, but is priced lower due to the fact that it is crushed granite or marble that has been mixed with resin before being formed into sheets.

Reconstituted stone provides a luxurious appearance at only a fraction of the cost and is a sought-after choice for kitchen benches. It is available in a broad selection of colors and textures to match any taste from earthy hues to the most lavish marble. Reconstituted stones are cleaned easy since it comes with outstanding stain resistance. Glossy finishes are less prone towards staining than matte finishes and also those that have many variations (e.g. veining, for instance) can be more durable than a white, bright.

The cost of this material is determined by the color chosen the thickness of the material, as well as the amount of edges visible. In the end, it’s an affordable material that comes with a variety of choices and options to fit all budgets.

Reconstituted stone is not heat-proof There are therefore limitations regarding where it can be used an splashback. It is, for instance, not allowed to be used behind a cooktop that is gas, unless in a certain distance, since it is considered to be a combustible material.

Reconstituted stone is a long-lasting high-quality, durable material. Because it’s not as durable like natural stone, it’s much less likely to break during the installation. Additionally, if you choose reconstituted stone instead of natural stone, you’ll not have to be concerned about differences in colour or appearance, since every slab is exactly the same as the one following.

The Burwood East showroom is home to four kitchen showcases that allow you to see as well as feel the different beautiful benches.

Natural Stone Benchtop

Natural stone benchtops are among of the most expensive things during a kitchen remodel However, they can be among the most stunning. Many people opt to install them throughout their kitchen, whereas others make use of them just for the benchtop on the island or as an accent piece.

Stone benchtops made from natural stone are ideal for those who are looking for something special and unique since each piece is unique. Nature has a variety of stunning colors patterns and textures but comes with cost. Natural stone isn’t easy to quantify, it will cost significantly more than manufactured stone in average.

It is important to keep in mind that not every natural stone is created equal. Natural stone is diverse in terms of appearance, texture and quality. Certain stones are susceptible to staining or cutting (limestone) as well as other surfaces are hard watering that can be cut, drilled or things using (granite). However, in general each type of natural stone must be sealed prior to installation. The majority of natural stone is extremely durable and can last for a long time however it needs regular care and maintenance in order to keep it looking their best. The majority of stones can get stained when they are exposed to food or acids and food, which is why you should be very be careful when cooking on such surfaces.

The variety of colors and patterns is endless However, searching for the right slab could be a lengthy process. Although it’s feasible to search online, you might have a difficult time finding the exact slab you’re searching for. It is necessary to visit a local store and examine samples to make sure that you’ve located the right slab to fit your kitchen. When it comes to the installation natural stone is more challenging to set up than artificial stone as it’s more susceptible to fracture during cutting. Installation ease is something you must be aware of because if your stone does break, it’s impossible to replace it completely.

Porcelain Benchtop

Porcelain benchtops are constructed by laying down a foundation that is made of stone. The benchtop is then covered with an engraved pattern that may recreate the look and feel of natural stone, but it’s not as durable as engineered or natural stone. Additionally, it’s extremely tense. We tend to avoid porcelain because of its propensity to crack and break.

If you’re looking for something that resembles stone, but is much more durable and durable, then reconstituted stone is a better option.

Laminate Benchtop

Laminate panels can be a cheap alternative to natural surfaces that can be utilized to create a variety of effects. You can, for instance, apply them to create the appearance of marble slate, granite, or wood. These benches are a fantastic choice for those seeking an inexpensive, durable and easy to clean option for the kitchen benchtop.

Laminate is the most affordable choice if you’re working trying to stay within your budget. Laminate is a durable surface that is easy to maintain, making it’s a good option for busy families and rentals. Laminate comes in a wide range of thicknesses, colours, and finishes. The colours are truly breathtaking, and the textures can vary from basic to luxurious, meaning there’s something to suit every person.

When using laminate, there are some limitations to the use around basins and sinks. It’s for example, it’s recommended to avoid areas with high humidity in the event of moisture because it could occasionally result in the laminate’s top layer to crack or even peel off. Additionally, laminate may appear cheap if it’s not handled by a skilled professional which is a risk you do not wish to take. If done with care it can produce stunning results that won’t cost you a fortune.

Installation and Sourcing Laminate benchtops can be quickly installed and customized to virtually any size or shape. The decision to purchase a laminate benchtop is as simple. There are a variety of choices offered, and models are light and easy to locate.

Expert Guidance is a Must

If you are considering a material to use to build your kitchen bench, our suggestion is to consult with experts. After obtaining the proper details, you need to look at the advantages and cons of every benchtops and focus on the features that are important to you. It’s a good idea to have contemplated your kitchen’s your cooking habits as well as what you’d like to see from your benchtop and what you’re willing to pay for. It’s a kind of elimination based on the functionality, durability, aesthetics and budget.

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