How to change a bed cover easily – 5 expert tips

It’s a task I dread. The feeling of new sheets is terrific, but it’s not worth the hassle of having to strip the bed and wash the sheets. Also, you must stretch the fitted sheet over each corner of your mattress and then stuff the duvet in its cover.

How do hotels do it? Putting on a duvet is much easier than fighting your bedspread. There are many ways to get a duvet on without feeling like you’re working out. From the Tik Tok burrito hack to using a pool noodle and a clothesline, there is a way to do it that involves little effort.

I contacted experts to find out how to insert a Duvet without hassle. These hacks will change your life or feelings about changing a bed.

Turn the cover inside out

The inside-out method is one of the easiest ways to attach a duvet. This is my preferred method, especially if you are a smaller individual and do not have anyone else available. You can follow along with me as I go through each step:

Place the duvet/comforter as you would typically do on your bed.

Flip your duvet inside out, and place it flat on the top of the cover.

Grab the two top corners of the duvet from the inside.

Grab the corners of your comforter while holding the corners.

Shake the cover of the insert while ensuring not to let go of any corners.

Shake the bag a few times more to ensure no bunches.

Place the duvet on top of the cover.

Button/zip your duvet by pulling the corners and securing them.

This method can be made even easier by washing the bed sheets, and duvet covers inside out. It’s easy to strip the mattress, turn the sheets inside out and throw them into the washing machine. Once it’s dried, you can use it.


The bed burrito hack has been circulating online as an easy way to dress your bed. You can make your bed in five simple steps without breaking a sweat. Dr. Walt Pickut, a sleep specialist, says this “burrito” method is compelling despite its unusual appearance. This game changer can transform a tedious task into an easy and quick one.

Dr. Walt Pickut has a Master’s degree in Medical Physiology, a board registration in polysomnographic technologies (RPSGT), and a registry as a Sleep Disorder Specialist (RRT-SDS) awarded by NBRC. He also has seven years of experience working in sleep laboratories in hospitals. He also completed all of the hospital-based rotations for Clinical Diagnosis at New Jersey College of Medicine while serving as Director of Education for the Anesthesiology Department of Jersey City Medical Center in his early career.

“Start by laying your duvet inside out on your bed with the insert, aligning each corner and edge,” she advises. Ensure that the duvet cover’s opening is left unfinished and at the foot of the bed.


Some bedding companies have noticed the struggle with putting a duvet cover on and have added ties to the inside corners of their bodies. If your surface has these ties, you can follow these steps without using or purchasing any clips or bands. If not, then using four rubber bands (you can get these from any store – these best-selling bands from Amazon would work well) and binder clips, like these Amazon basics binder clips, will do the same job.

Martin Seely explains you can insert your duvet into its cover as you regularly would (we recommend laying the surface flat on the bed and pushing the duvet inside. As you match each corner, the trick is to tie a band over the insert and cover to keep it in place. Then, ‘secure binder clips along the edge of the duvet and cover. This will help to keep each section aligned and prevent the duvet from shifting as you insert it.’ After it’s all in place, you can shake it before removing the clips and bands one by one.

These are some of my favorite duvets covers that come with handy ties inside that attach to your duvet:

This duvet cover set has a silky finish, which looks luxurious but slips and moves around inside. Luckily, it has handy ties inside to keep the insert in place.

I love this linen Piglet in Bed pinstripe set. But there is feedback on it being a little significant for the cover, and I find the same. The solution? The ties inside mean the loose edges don’t feel uncomfortable or out of place.

These cozy earth bamboo sheets are super soft to the touch and have a luxurious silky finish, which again does mean they can slip around inside the cover. I love that this set comes with press-studded bands in each corner to secure it in place.


This method seems niche. But if you do have kids at home – or a pool – you likely have a pool noodle lying around. If you need help, you can pick one up from most retailers. This pool noodle float from Amazon is less than $5. You can also use a similar shape and size if it isn’t longer than the width of your duvet cover. When you’ve got your noodle to hand, follow Martins Seeley’s steps below for bed dressing, made easy:

Insert a pool noodle or long cylindrical object into the duvet cover’ and lay it at the top side, each meeting the corners of your body.

Roll the duvet and noodle together, similar to the burrito method.

Once you reach the bottom, this should’ve created a tunnel to slide the duvet into.

Unroll the duvet and remove the noodle – your bed should be made.

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