Plants are more than just decorative pieces. They are our friends. It’s lovely to take care of plants and be surrounded by them. They are incredibly healing, and I often try to spend time with them at home. I get my morning Hygge by watering, checking the soil quality, and trimming the edges.

Let me show my plants and tell you how I care for them.

Boston fern

These lovelies can be grown indoors and are very easy to care for. They need to be kept moist and prefer dry air with high humidity. They are watered every day, and I sometimes trim the dried leaves. They remove pollutants from the air, such as formaldehyde or xylene, keeping your home clean and breathable.

Callisia Bubbles

This adorable plant is one I recently added to my green garden. They are easy to maintain and look like little green bubbles arranged in a hat. It should be kept out of direct sunlight. I have kept mine on my balcony in the shade. Water is only enough to keep it moist. For better growth, it can grow to 60cm in length and requires constant pruning. It thrives on regular feeding in its primary season, spring and summer.


Everyone loves them! They come in more than 2600 varieties and can add a tropical and elegant touch to any d├ęcor. They only require some sun and regular watering. Do not over-prune them, as some plants draw nutrients from old leaves, and trimming could cause this plant to lose its precious nutrients.

Spider Plant

The name is not to be afraid of. Spider plants can be grown indoors in indirect sunlight. This plant is excellent for beginners, and it also removes pollutants. You don’t have to consider them if you want them for your home.

Snake Plant

I never thought I would be able to grow this plant at home. One day, I was able to find a monster in a nursery. It stood tall among all the greens. It was so tempting that I couldn’t resist. I returned home with the snake and a happy soul. Let’s now get to the care tips. This plant requires minimal watering. It’s best to let them dry between waterings. They will thrive if they are not exposed to direct sunlight. You can also give them some fertilizer in the warmer months.

Morning Glory

The dwarf variety I have on my balcony is the slender, thin type. It does not twist and twine around climbing structures. The purple flowers open up in bright sunlight and reveal their beautiful side. They tend to close in the afternoons and cloudy weather. They do their magic when I water them once per day. It has been with me for two years, and they have never failed me. You can occasionally use fertilizer to keep them happy.

Now that you are more familiar with these plants, it is time to invest in them. Make sure your home is clean and free of pollutants.

Katherine L. Branton

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