Get ten tips for interior kitchen design from an expert

How do you design the kitchen of your dreams? It is just as important to get the interior design right as the layout. Julia Kendall, the interior designer, shares her expert tips on how to make your space look great.

There is more to kitchen interior design than meets the eye. It is important to consider the flow and position of appliances, work surfaces, and color schemes before you start thinking about decorative elements.

How would an interior designer approach the look of a new kitchen? Here are some interior design tips that will work for any kitchen. We can help you transform your kitchen into the space of your dreams, no matter how modern or traditional.

Are you sure everything is where it should be? Think about how you use each item in your kitchen and arrange them accordingly. For example, breakfast cereals and bowls should be close to the kitchen island. The dishwasher should be located as close as possible to plate storage, and the bin should be placed near the sink. Breadboard and bread storage should be near the toaster; cups close to the teapot or boiling-water tap.

If you are installing your hob on an island, you should also include a prep sink so you don’t need to cross a main kitchen corridor with pots of boiling water to get to the main sink. A prep sink can also help divide the space, which is helpful if more than one person works in the kitchen.


As you would with your living room, consider how the kitchen will feel. The amount of natural light that the room receives and the location where the kitchen is located will play a major role in this decision. If you’re creating a kitchen extension that overlooks the garden and has the living and dining areas at the lighter end of the space, light-colored cabinets will reflect light back into the area, making it seem larger.

It’s not just about choosing the right color for your kitchen cabinets. A grainy wood finish adds texture and interest to a room without features.

You may want to add a bold color to your kitchen. Bright colors are a popular choice for painting cabinets. However, you should exercise caution if you expect to sell your home within the next five to ten years. It is possible to paint your kitchen cabinets yourself, and then return them when you are done or sell your house. To learn more, check out our guide on painting kitchen cabinets.

Do you still love the idea of bold color in your kitchen? You can make it a painted island on your kitchen island. This will give you maximum impact and is easy to transform.

The color of your kitchen cabinets should be consistent with the other colors in your home. This applies to every room. If your kitchen cabinets echo the themes and schemes in all rooms, your home will feel cohesive and flow better.


You can choose from a high-gloss, matte or mid-sheen finish for your kitchen cabinets. It really depends on the style of your home. High-gloss units, along with mid-sheen or matt finishes, will work well if your home is modern. High-gloss units are not recommended for homes that are older or have a period home. Stick to mid-sheen and matt cabinetry.

“If you are going for high-gloss units use natural wood in other areas of the scheme, such as flooring, worktops, or other elements. This will soften the feeling of a clinical environment and create a more welcoming, modern environment. Use fabric sofas and dining chair covers to add color and texture.

It is always worthwhile to do your research on cabinet colors and finishes. Ask your kitchen designer the right questions and ask if you can bring cabinet door samples home to check how they look under your room’s lighting, as opposed to in a showroom. You can also check out our 25 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas.


While a good designer can take care of all the details, a great kitchen designer will also be able to help you with the smaller details. But what if you are designing your Ikea (opens in a new window) kitchen? These are some of the details you should consider when designing your kitchen.

What distance are your cabinets’ tops from the ceilings? To avoid dust traps and maximize storage space, they should be at least three feet from the ceiling.

Your least-used or attractive appliances (including the microwave) will need to be stored somewhere. They should be stored in a cabinet or kept away from the kitchen when not in use to avoid dust collecting and cluttering up your worktops.

Are all the dishes at the correct height? You can stack fitted ovens, but you will only be able to safely and easily remove hot dishes from the oven if it’s too high.

Also, small children may need help to reach the things they need easily. They will be more independent if they have a low cupboard that has their cups and bowls inside. This will stop them from climbing on top of worktops to get what they need.

Is there enough space on each side of the oven or hob to place hot dishes? You should have at least 40cm of space on your worktop.

Are there enough electrical outlets? You don’t want appliances that others can use or charge your phone to be unplugged.


More is needed to have enough storage space in a well-planned kitchen. You also need to make sure you select the best kitchen storage that suits your needs. Deep drawers are better than traditional floor cabinets for serving dishes, crockery, and cookware. You should also pay attention to small details: Have you considered storing spices or dry foods near the area where they will be stored?

You can make or break a small kitchen’s storage space, so be sure to pay attention to these details. You can also see our gallery to get more ideas on small-kitchen storage.


It is important to plan your kitchen lighting early in the process. This can be done at the extension design stage, or when you are considering your kitchen layout. While task lighting is essential, you should also consider ambient lighting, dimmable options, and attractive pendants. Your kitchen’s appearance is just as important as its functionality.


The details are crucial to transforming your kitchen’s interior design. You can give your kitchen personality by choosing the best window dressings, finding the most beautiful kitchen flooring, or simply showing family photos well.

You can add your personal touch to a living area. Your kitchen will become a focal point of your home.

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