For matching gray walls, there are many colors of curtains to choose from

The color gray may seem dark and dreary to some, but it is vibrant with tones and tints that can evoke every emotion. Gray can transform any space into something beautiful, with shades ranging from dark charcoal to soft pewter tones.

You’ll need to know how to accessorize neutral colors if you want to give it the respect it deserves. Here are some curtain ideas to pair with gray walls to make any space feel more interesting, from your bedroom to your living area.

Black and Beautiful

Black accents can be added to a room that has a light, muted gray paint color. While a chair and dresser can be a great start, a pair of black curtains will tie everything together. A subtle, aged Turkish rug in a subtle color will keep things from becoming too dark or dull.

Patterned Neutral

Neutrals are the best choice for creating an elegant and inviting space. This combination of deep charcoal and an abstract curtain made from cream and black is a winning combination.

Gray with warm accents

We love the combination of dark curtains and light walls, but grays with blue undertones can make rooms feel too cold and stark. Warm tones like yellows and burnt oranges can make a room feel more welcoming and comfortable. The combination of old-world charm and modernity in this living space is a delight.

Matching Grays

This room exudes luxury, and a tonal look is always expensive. The charcoal velvet curtains are a great addition to any room. But, if you want your walls to match the set, it’s even more impressive. A secondary color with the same undertones can make a stunning pairing. This royal blue bed with different tones feels luxurious.

If you have curtains already, it is good to pick up a sample of the color from your local paint shop to ensure that the colors match perfectly.

Pink with a Pattern

Gray is just as versatile as white and tan as a neutral, and, like any other, gray makes a great backdrop for a printed curtain. This room is beautiful because it uses light pewter to create a canvas, and the drapes are used as a complement to tie in pink, white, and turquoise shades. The best thing about this room is that you can choose a bold print without feeling overwhelmed by the subtle wall color.

All White

White is great for brightening up spaces, but it can feel overwhelming if there’s too much natural light. The curtains and walls in a light stone gray color act as a filter to bright light, making a space feel elegant and not too stark.

Grayscale Drapes

Gray is versatile. You can mix and match tones and tints without worrying about them clashing. You can use a medium-tone wall color, contrast it with light curtains, and then decorate the rest of the room with any shade between.

Sheer Gray

A light gray wall would look amazing paired with a warm grey pair with a pair of deep charcoal curtains. A lightweight linen option is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to sacrifice any natural light.

Pretty In Pink

Gray may not be the best choice for a girl’s room, but this modern design is cool and sweet. It feels feminine and appropriate for a baby girl without being too cutesy.

Textured neutrals

Some people believe that color is the most important design element. However, some rooms use texture to enhance the space. The curtains in this room are full of texture. A neutral-gray curtain can be dressed up with a similarly neutral curtain. This is a room that looks interesting and not boring.

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