Cottagecore Decorating Ideas that Are Perfectly Cozy

Cottagecore is all the rage right now. Think flowing dresses and nature-inspired prints as well as adorable home decor. The cottagecore aesthetic features spaces that celebrate country life with flowers and other outdoor elements. They also appear to have been carefully curated over time. Anything vintage or antique is a winner.

Cottagecore encourages simplicity and a more relaxed way of living, which we all can appreciate, especially in these times. Cottagecore is easy to incorporate into your home. It’s not too complicated, and you can mix and match pieces to create a cozy living space.

Cottagecore encourages simplicity and a better way of living, which we all can appreciate, especially in these times.

Wallpaper Your Hutch

A large hutch can be used to display and store a collection of china and glassware. It also allows for the pieces to be admired.

This rustic piece is a great addition to the cottage come aesthetic. However, we love the idea of wallpapering the shelves in a vibrant floral print for added charm and flair. You can’t go wrong with any design, no matter what.

Florals abound

Cottagecore homes are incomplete without floral arrangements. Bonus points for those who bring in real flowers! It doesn’t matter if your latest bouquet came from the grocery or was not handpicked from your yard.

Green paint allows you to draw in nature

Make your mood bright with green paint. Create a cozy little space for reading and relaxing with a book. Cottagecore style is also influenced by green, which pays homage to nature.

Show Off Your Favorite Antiques

Cottagecore rooms are generally well-stocked with vintage as well as antique elements. This space has furniture with a history, and a passed down look. To embrace cottagecore living, ditch the modern accents and go with the classics.

Let Classic Pieces Shine

This charming space is completed with a bamboo side table. It adds a traditional, natural touch. Fresh flowers add life and vibrancy to this little corner, making it the perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying the sunshine through the windows.

Play with Pattern

Any cottagecore lover will love a room with exposed wooden beams. Pattern play is a great way to embrace the look. You can incorporate a variety of playful prints into your curtains, lampshade or throw pillows. Cottagecore style is about mixing and matching to create a warm, cohesive look.

Get in on the Wicker Work

This charming English flat is filled with wicker pieces. Turn a basket on its side to make it a unique end table for your living room. Add fresh flowers and a lovely garden view.

Soft, romantic hues are a good idea

This cheerful vignette shows how soft pinks and shades of blue can make you feel romantic. Keep a few candles handy for an extra moody touch in your cottage care home.

Choose a plush chair

A plush reading seat will make it easy to read for hours and forget your responsibilities. You can choose your favourite colour and pair it with wallpaper of a different colour scheme. We love the combination of pink, green and white in this space.

Make your Kitchen Colorful

A wooden hutch is a bold statement in a cottagecore dining room. Your most vibrant pieces can be displayed on the shelves of your cabinet. It will make your display stand out. You don’t need to worry about neat lines. A well-stocked and collected appearance is the key.

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