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It can sometimes feel like you are fighting a losing war to keep your home tidy. Spend hours cleaning, only to have it a mess in 5 minutes. Pets, kids, and life will make that happen!

Bedside tables are a great way to make a difference in a small area.

Start by cleaning

Remove all items from your bedside tables and give them a thorough clean. You can give the table a fresh look by adding a trivet or large tray on top. Or, try our DIY Concrete Side Table. It’s boring to clean, but this is the first step in styling your bedside table.

Plan ahead

It’s not just a matter of luck that makes a great bedside style. There’s usually a plan in place. This plan is often based on a color scheme – monochromatic, complementary, or natural are the most popular. Some people begin with a particular style, such as minimalist, classic, or coastal. Start collecting ideas for the style that you are aiming to achieve.

Let there be Light

If you don’t have a hanging pendant or wall light, the lamp will likely be the most significant item at your bedside. Please choose the correct lamp for your bedside and place it there. This will allow you to work around the other things.

Reading Material

It’s not just beautiful to have a small stack of books on your bedside, but it also adds height and interest.

Art that makes you Smile

Why not put a postcard or a birthday card you cherish in a small picture frame and place it on your nightstand? It’s all about preserving something with sentimental value and presenting it beautifully so that you can enjoy it every day.

Use the wall above your bedside desk for larger pieces. It’s not necessary to hang your artwork directly above your bed. It looks better, especially with smaller amounts, if they are offset.


This one was bound to be on the list! The beautiful range of candles available today offers much more than soft lighting. Find a candle that is housed in a decorative vessel.


Your bedside table will come alive with a succulent, an air plant, or a fern. Check out the ten most popular indoor plants of today.

Cool clock

It’s a great way to bring character to your bedroom and keep it digital-free.

More styling ideas are available!

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Ring dish

Put a ring dish next to your bedside and keep your jewelry safe. You can use them to add some bling or an unusual pattern.

Fresh flowers in a vase

Fresh flowers are an excellent addition to any home. It’s not necessary to buy a large bouquet every week. A single rose in a vase from your garden is equally beautiful. We never regret ordering a gorgeous flower delivery from our local florist. And we have expert advice on how to prolong the life of flowers here.

How to style your bedside table? Use a trio of objects! Books, flowers and candles are always a good idea.

Organic products

It’s okay if you don’t like flowers or plants. Add something organic, such as a coral, shell, or marble accessory, to your bedside table. One of our best tips on how to style a bedside table is adding texture with an organic object.

Add some bling

Depending on your style, a touch of copper, gold, or brass can add a little luxury to your bedside.

Decorated ornaments

You can inject your personality with pieces collected on your travels, from thrift shops, or the latest decor.


A box at your bedside can serve many purposes. It’s practical, stylish, and adds height to the bedside.


Make room on your nightstand for a glass of wine or a beer before you go to bed.

Pop of Colour

It might be that your bedside still feels a bit meh.’ You could add some color to it. Have fun and experiment. You can always take it off if it does not work.

Layer it

Adding visual interest to objects by layering them, for example, placing your ring dish atop a book or resting two picture frames so that they overlap, is easy.

Bedside styling in Michelle Hart’s home | Take the tour

The larger picture

Depending on your bedside, you may also need to consider what is happening under the tabletop. Many people today don’t have just a standard bedside table with two drawers. Trolleys and open-box side tables are now more common. Look at what is below the top of the table.

Final Check

Balance is critical to excellent bedside styling. This includes height, color, and texture. Consider your bedside to see if anything is missing or if you need to return it.

We’ve listed some ideas to get inspired to style your bedroom, but don’t forget that less is more often!

Some of the most beautiful side tables are simple items, such as a candle, a vase with flowers, and a ring dish.

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