Bathroom of the Week: Tub Removal Opens Up a Primary Bathroom

This couple’s house outside Vancouver, British Columbia, was modeled on the chalet-style homes in The Canadian Rockies. After more than a decade of living in the house, the couple sought a more modern and brighter appearance. The interior designer Sarah Gallop completed a whole-house remodeling project to make the family bathroom look like a tranquil place to relax.

Eliminating the dusty bathtub that had not been used opened up the room for two vanities. Gallop also rearranged an additional water closet and a shower to create a lavishly spacious shower stall. The new design is sleek, light, and airy, with stunning marble mosaic tiles on the walls.

Before: The couple had tired of the finishes within the house. Many are dark, making the rooms appear dark. The owners also realized that they didn’t use their bathtub. “It had become a dust collector, and it felt like it took up half the room,” Gallop states.

Search for an interior designer using HouzzSGDI Sarah Gallop Design Inc.After the tub has been removed, the room appears much more significant. There was enough space for two vanity units, one for her and the other for him. The couple is now set with ample storage space. The vanities are blue periwinkle that has crystal knobs.

Browse wall-mounted vanities on the Houzz Shop  SGDI – Sarah Gallop Design Inc.”Before I host an initial meeting with my clients, I ask them to create a Houzz ideabook to get an idea of their style,” Gallop says. “Then, when we meet, we sit down and pick apart each photo to find out what they like about it.” The launching idea for the bathroom’s design was a dazzling marble mosaic, which Gallop extended to the walls of the vanity.

The mirrors are large with mirror frames, and the chandeliers are fitted with shining backplates. “There are four windows in this room and we wanted to bounce the light around as much as possible with reflective surfaces,” Gallop states. “And I wanted to choose mirrors that were artwork-like.”

The couple keeps additional linens in the blue cabinet behind the door

Find bathroom mirrors with SGDI in the name of Sarah Gallop Design Inc. On the left side of the bathroom is an ample makeup space equipped with a large mirror. The countertops are sturdy white quartz that is a continuation of the backsplash. Gallop has concealed electrical outlets in this backsplash so as not to interfere with the tiled walls. The flooring is a large-format marble tile with a polished surface to stop slipping.

Find a tile in your local professional PhotoSGDI Sarah Gallop Design Inc.Before the room was a vanity, the only vanity was where the makeup studio is now. The door to the left side opened up onto the shower. SGDI – Sarah Gallop Design Inc. After Gallop removed the wall between the vanity and the bathroom and put in the frosted glass. “There is a window in the water closet, so the glass allowed us to share its natural light with the adjacent shower and the rest of the bathroom,” she says.

For artificial lighting, the room has recessed lights on the ceilings and two sconces with mirrors in this space. “We placed these sconces to give even lighting to the face,” the designer explains. The lighting is also under the vanity cabinets, providing gentle, dim lighting for those who want to enter the bathrooms. Before the photo, The shower was dark and measured 46 by 43 inches.

Are you new to home renovations? Learn the basics of SGDI – Sarah Galllop Design Inc.After The space has been rented from the closet for water and from the main bathroom,, the shower is now 72 by 61.5 inches. The glass wall with a frosted glare to the right of it separates the battery from the water closet.

“Now the shower is a bright, open space that noer feels closed in,” Gallop declares. The shower was designed by Gallop so that it emphasizes the height. “The tall niche and vertically oriented tiles elongate it,” she says. The niche features glass shelves, which ensure that the views of the marble mosaic tile are clear. (They weren’t installed at the time the pictures were taken.) The tiles that are small on the floor absorb the colors of the mosaic.

Nearby in the bathroom is the warmer towel bar. The shower door is the same as the towel bar, making grabbing a warm towel simple.

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