Aerospace packaging ideas

Many packaging issues are faced by aeronautics, aircraft, and aerospace manufacturers. We’ve collected 8 fresh ideas for aeronautics packaging based on stories from our customers.

Make the package reusable

Your customer will appreciate the ability to reuse your packaging multiple times.

San Diego Aeronautical manufacturer required a return materials authorization (RMA) to allow customers to return expired units for repair or diagnostics. The company needed the same container to replace and return the units.

Give your packaging a little extra

Cool components include ramps, hinges and viewing ports.

They’re not cool to add, and they’re there for a purpose. For example, this Aircraft Systems Manufacturer needed a container to ship two delicate wings that measured 26 feet long. Because the destination was limited in lifting capacity, the container had to be opened and unloaded manually.

Let your true colours shine through

Your aerospace packaging will stand out with its striking colours. You can match the colour to your branding or use multiple colours or stencils.

Aeronautical customers have discovered that a painted box can be quickly identified if it is amongst other products, which aids in customer identification, especially when compared to the competition.

Strive to increase production value

Material handling equipment in Melbourne and carts are an excellent addition to any manufacturing line. They can increase productivity and safety.

Aeronautics needed a device that could integrate 3 steps into one before installing landing gear tires.

  • Take a tire off the rim
  • Mount the new tire
  • Seal the bead.

The customer was most concerned about the fixture that could accept multiple-sized aircraft tires. The fixtures were suitable for safe employee operation.

For identity, add a logo

You might consider adding your logo to your product if it is seen by many eyeballs, even though it is still in its packaging.

Delta Airlines, a Major International Airline was looking for an aerospace packaging solution to protect their expensive pulley systems and allow mechanics easy access. Valley Box can create custom stencils or source vinyl stickers with your logo for wood boxes.

Make it interactive

You don’t need to go high-tech. It doesn’t have to be high-tech.

One of our aerospace packaging customers experienced hidden damage that was not noticed until the part was installed. The part failed to perform.

Valley Box employed a process called elimination to pinpoint the cause of the packaging problem. To determine if mishandling had occurred by the contracted carrier, the first step was to include a Tip n Tell and Shock Watch in packaging. An ISTA vibration test was performed to determine if the packaging was not keeping the rods safe.

Valley Box used this information to create a foam insert in the guillotine style for the cushioning of the vibrations and protect the rods from damage during transport.

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