A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Bathroom Tiles

Are you planning to renovate a bathroom? The quickest and easiest way to transform the bathroom is using suitable tiles. They come in various shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. Tiles not only transform the place’s but keep the bathroom moisture-free. The splashes of water on the walls and floor make the bathroom prone to damage. However, tiles dry quickly, prevent water seepage, and it’s easy to clean the space.

Here is a guide to choosing the best bathroom tiles Melbourne for renovation or new installation.

Choose the type of tiles for installation

Before starting the project, the first thing to consider is zeroing down on the type of tile. The two popular choices of tiles used in the bathroom are ceramic and porcelain. The porcelain tiles are more durable and resistant to damage than the ceramic tiles. However, ceramic tiles are the best if you want to revamp your bathroom without much footfall. Here are some features of ceramic tiles:

  • The tiles are made of clay followed by glazing and fired with coloured glass for a smooth, glossy look. It is easy to clean, low maintenance, and helps in convenient grout removal.
  • The ceramic tiles are resistant to stain, and it is moisture-resistant and can withstand heavy traffic.
  • The ceramic tiles are available in several shapes, sizes, and colour finishing. The tiles imitate the look of some natural stones like slate, marble and travertine, giving a rustic look.
  • The ceramic tiles are available in glossy and matte finishing depending on the requirement.

Selecting the tile size based on the size of the bathroom 

The tiles’ size should follow the area and size of the bathroom. Avoid using large format tiles in small bathrooms or giving an unflattering awkward appearance. Large-format tiles are excellent for spacing-out and large bathrooms. When the size of the bathroom is small, prefer smaller size tiles in a neutral shade.

The bathroom tiles are used on floors and walls. Smaller size tiles are recommended for bathroom flooring and the shower area, which helps provide better stability and grip over the tile. However, more grout is laid between the smaller tiles; hence, it offers higher friction preventing slippage or falls on the wet floor.

If your bathroom is large with ample storage, alcove bathroom, and lighting, using large format tiles for flooring adds a better element. The installation of the large size tiles is much easier than the smaller ones.

Style and design of the Tiles 

Bathroom tiles are available in various colours, styles, designs, textures, and patterns. The choice of the tiles depends on the kind of outlook and aesthetics you want in the washroom. If you want to add more character and depth to the bathroom, it is best to choose patterned tiles with design. 

Here are a few essential things to consider in terms of style and design:


  • If you love a modern, classic, and neutral look for the bathroom, pick light-colored tiles and a neutral shade. White and grey are classic examples of monochromatic bathrooms.
  • For a more natural or austere look, use tiles which are wood coloured. The stone-patterned tiles too give a natural look.
  • For an elegant look, go for mosaic tiles with elaborate designs that exude a Victorian style.

However, it is recommended not to use patterned tile flooring when the walls already have pattern tiles or vice versa. Hiring a professional tile installation service reduces the overall hassle and completes the work with utmost dedication. The professionals have years of expertise in choosing the suitable tiles, size, shape, format, and layout and assisting with the complete transformation or renovation process.

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