8 Home Design Trends on the Rise in 2022

Understanding which styles of home design and features are in fashion will help you make educated choices regarding how you want your home to appear and feel. Additionally, what other users look for on the internet will ensure you are current with the latest trends.

With this in mind, We reviewed the results on Houzz between January and March 2022. Then, we compared the results to searches made at the same time in the previous year to determine how the focus on design has changed. Drought-resistant landscaping, trendy doorways, modern midcentury, Japandi kitchens and baths, and brand houses are just some trends that are in the making that you should look into.

Continued Focus on the Outdoors

Outdoor spaces are updated regularly and have been a popular choice among homeowners. Over 50% of home improvement projects are based on improvements to outdoor areas, as per the 2022 U.S. Houzz & Home Study. A lot of homeowners are looking for experts who can help. Searches on Houzz for ” Landscapers ” The number of people who voted for the election increased by 42 percent in 2022 compared to 2021.

As most homeowners live in areas experiencing severe drought, people are searching for ways to design gardens that require less water. Google searches on “drought-tolerant landscaping ideas” are increasing by 99% year-over-year, and the investigations on “drought-tolerant front yard landscaping ideas” are up by 45 percent.

Find drought-tolerant landscaping tips. Need a pro for your landscape design project?

Let Houzz locate the top pros for you. Find Pros Judd Builders homeowners also seek relaxation amenities for their outdoor areas. The number of searches of “hot tubs on decks” rose by 130% in the initial three months of 2022 compared to last year’s time frame.

Making an Entrance

A fashionable front door design and material make a positive impression first impression on A house. A lot of searches related to front doors are rising and include entrance doors made of iron (80 percent) and front door handles (46 percent), as well as green front doors (51 percent), along with red front doors (22 percent).

Statement Lighting

Light fixtures can do more than light up a room. They also allow you to add personality and style to the space. The large chandeliers, such as those in the Minnesota living space, can help define areas in an open layout. They can also reduce high ceilings to a more comfortable size and make a dramatic style statement. The number of searches on “extra large chandeliers” increased by 223% over the previous year.

Shop for chandeliers Carmit Oron Interior Design As noted in the article 40 Home Design Trends That Will Shape 2022, Large lantern-style lighting has been having a moment in the past year. These fixtures are sleek but sturdy designs that allow for the filling of spaces without blocking views. The number of “lantern chandeliers” searches increased 56 percent over the previous year. Tiffany Lauer Interiors Wicker furniture is commonly found in coastal and outdoor homes. However, the woven materials used to create light shades are gaining popularity. Google searches on “wicker pendants” increased 30 percent yearly.

Other related searches to lighting were increasing, too. “Industrial pendant lights” rose 30 percent, whereas more general lighting categories such as “kitchen ceiling lights” (120 percent), “flush mounted lighting” (95 percent), along with “task lighting” (94%) all saw increases year-over-year. Twist Tours Real Estate and Portfolio Marketing.

Styles Defined

The style preferences of many homeowners tend to fall into the contemporary, modern, and transitional styles. However, more specific types are drawing interest and helping homeowners describe the style and look they’d like for their homes.

On Houzz on Houzz, searches for “mid century modern kitchen ideas” increased by 576% yearly. The Austin, Texas, midcentury modern kitchen with low-profile walnut cabinets with flat fronts and white glossy upper cabinets with a flat front is an excellent example of the style. Devon Grace Interiors In the meantime, the Japandi style, a combination of a sleek Japanese contemporary design with white and light wood, a minimalist Scandinavian style, is gaining momentum. The number of searches of “Japandi bathrooms” rose 229 percent, and search results for “Japandi kitchens” increased 104 percent. The Sitting Room These styles are trendy. Fresh whites, blues, watery colors, driftwood tones, shiplap, and driftwood are classic colors and palettes. The number of searches for “beach style design ideas” has increased by 143% yearly.

Midcentury Modern on the Mind

Many homes were built in the 20th century and early 20th. It is, therefore, natural that homeowners are looking for ideas to remodel these houses that complement the classical design.

We’ve already talked about the increase in midcentury-modern kitchen designs. However, the attention to this design isn’t limited to just that one room. There was a significant increase in searches when searching for “midcentury modern bedroom ideas” (102 percent) in addition to “midcentury modern exterior home ideas” (94 percent).

PRESENT USA Company The materials and designs of the products typically related to the midcentury period are also gaining demand. The searches on “kit kat tile,” similar to the ones in this article, increased by 797 percent year-over-year. “Boucle” (149%) and “curved sofa” (31%) were also on the Rise.

Barndo Homes

A barn-style house is reminiscent of earlier times and sports the look of soaring ceilings and open layouts, which makes some feel tranquil. In today’s hectic world, it’s a surprise that this is precisely what people are searching for. The search volume of “bardo,” which, together with barn dominium, typically refers to any barn converted into homes, increased by 154 percent. The number of searches on “barndominium kitchens” increased by 138 percent.

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