6 Strategies to Extend the Lifespan of Carpet

Everything within a building, from HVAC systems to plumbing to flooring must be maintained properly to keep it running efficiently and economically. Building managers and owners must consider the building’s type, location or square footage and the expected lifespan and return of investment (ROI).

Carpet’s life expectancy is greatly affected by how well it has been cared for over the first few years. Carpet care can extend its life by decades if it is done correctly. Carpet lifespan can be significantly reduced if you don’t take care of your carpets properly. This is because soils and stains can become permanent, and fibers will wear down or tear. Best practices are better for facility managers and can help protect their investment and preserve the aesthetics of their buildings.

Make the right investments

Carpet has many benefits for commercial spaces, including reducing noise and improving the atmosphere.

Consider the following features and details when choosing a carpet:

  • Placement –Will the carpet be installed wall-to-wall, or in specific building areas? It is best to choose a durable carpet with matting that can absorb soils and moisture if carpet is placed near exits and entrances. Carpets placed near food preparation areas or where drinks are consumed or served will benefit from stain-resistant or stain-blocking products.
  • Durability –Carpet tiles are becoming more popular because they are extremely durable, easy to install, and can be replaced. However, not all carpet tiles and traditional carpet are made to last for decades. It is important to talk with the manufacturer about the product’s durability.
  • Construction–┬áMost commercial establishments choose tufted carpet because of its easy installation and low cost. Carpet made from 100% wool or wool-blends can give a more luxurious look while being easy to maintain. Carpet construction is important for both design and maintenance.
  • Sustainability–Today, there are numerous ways to reduce a building’s environmental footprint. Carpets should be evaluated for their commitment to sustainable materials and processes. Some carpets are treated with toxic substances. Carpet made from recycled materials can also be purchased.

Strategies to Success

Once you have chosen the right carpet for your space, it’s time to plan how to maintain it. The average commercial carpet lasts between 10 and 30 years. Proper carpet cleaning in blacktown is essential to ensure the carpet has a maximum lifespan . Preventative, daily, and interim maintenance are the four cornerstones of smart carpet care.

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