5 Unexpected Flea Market Finds I Use as Decor

I’d be a happy woman if I could have every Sunday and Saturday morning in the flea market. In reality, when my calendar is empty when the weather’s good out, I explore the city, checking out my most-loved places. You never know what you’ll discover at a flea market, and you might not find a bargain each time; you can claim that you’ll find plenty to go through.

Here are a few surprising finds I’ve recently encountered that have become unique decorative items in my home. Keep looking for items similar to these when preparing for an event to shop for thrift.

Ceramic Bowl

Some flea markets I regularly visit feature an assortment of second-hand items and products from independent makers. When I bought this gorgeous white and black ceramic bowl, the person who created it told me she used it regularly in her kitchen. While it’s beautiful as an elegant cereal bowl may sound, I had different plans for my own.

I am a sucker for keeping matchbooks and matchbooks in local restaurants or when traveling. I was sure that this one would be a great addition to a portion of the collection. I chose to put the item on my bar cart, which adds lots of style to the space I’m working on.

Dior Suitcase

This was the ultimate unicorn of all the flea market finds. I saw this on one of my favorite local NYC hangouts on a Sunday morning in December and was enthralled immediately (designer bags, especially vintage ones, are among my biggest weakness). I contacted the seller to verify that the item was authentic. Then I made a quick price comparison on the internet to find out that the bag–even though it was priced more expensive than I usually would buy on impulse–was an incredible bargain.

I’ve always planned to use the suitcase for decoration, but when I purchased it, I was unaware of how much it could hold. I have it in my living room, which adds style to the area next to my couch and many of my movable decorative items, such as extra frames for pictures, candles, prints, and more—storage and storage sophistication–a win-win.

Pages From an Old Book

Framing pages of books is a fantastic method to show off your unique artwork for a low cost; however, who would buy a new book only to tear it apart? There’s no one; I’ll show you! That’s why flea market sales are so great. They can provide an excellent coffee table book or two that’s had a rough time but still offers content worthy of a frame.

A flea market I stumbled across in the summer took things one step further. The vendor was selling books that had been carefully removed and were cheap. Since I’m from New York City and love showing old NYC souvenirs (so long as it’s not too cheesy), The images of different landmarks from Manhattan were a joy.

I purchased some frames at a reasonable price online, then inserted the photos into them, and they’re in my bedroom, where they make me smile.

Vintage Photographs

I enjoy browsing old images typically sold in various pieces at flea markets. I came across some fantastic photos while exploring London and at my regular places in NYC, and I have always found the collection presented to me as a fun selection to browse through.

If you want to subtly introduce a theme, such as 1920s art deco, in your living space, Watch for gorgeous photos of flappers. Perhaps you are enthralled by everything ’70s, and you’ll be able to find pictures from this period. You can frame your favorites and create stories of the extraordinary lives of those portrayed.


What’s cuter than a teacup made of porcelain? There’s nothing! I’ve seen teacups in many markets I frequent, and while they’re sure to bring home, wash, and drink from, they make amusing decorations.

Set it on the top shelf of your dresser, and use it to store earrings or other small jewelry pieces. Add one to your vanity and place lipsticks or hair ties inside. The final result is elegant and sweet.

Katherine L. Branton

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