5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your House Washing Once Every 6 Months

Your home is where you were raised and where you now live. You must keep your home clean so that germs and dirt don’t get into your family.

Here are 5 reasons to get your house washed every 6 months.

1. It will give your home a fresh look
If you are looking to give your house a new look and increase its value, you should soft wash it. If your exterior begins to show signs of mold, mildew, and fungus, you will need house washing in gold coast. These undesirable elements can make your house look old and dirty. Your home’s exterior will look brighter if you gently wash it.

Many people wash their homes once a year, while others do it every four to five years. However, it is recommended that you soft wash your house at least six months to one-year, especially if there is more foot traffic and vehicular pollution.

2. It will increase the house’s value
You can get a better price for your house if it is washed before you list it. Washing your house will make it look new and increase its curb appeal.

If your house is attractive and clean from the outside, it will attract potential buyers to the interior. A house that is not appealing from the outside may turn away potential buyers. They may also be hesitant to view the interior, which might actually be quite beautiful.

3. It protects your paint from damage
To protect your exterior paint, you must wash your house. Your exterior paint job is affected by dust, dirt, mould, and mildew, especially north-facing walls and areas that receive little to no sunlight.

Mould thrives when there is little ventilation and poor air circulation. Mould can penetrate the paint surface and grow underneath, leading to peeling and deterioration of painted surfaces. Mould can grow even if you paint it off. It is important to get rid of mould using soft washing with chlorine in the water.

4. It prevents the growth and removal of mildew and mould.
It is possible for mildew and mould to thrive in humid conditions. Mildew and mould can grow even in normal weather conditions, if the weather is favorable.

To be safe, you should have your house washed at least once every six months to prevent the growth of mildew and mould. The house can be soft washed to remove mould, and it should be washed every six months for mold prevention.

5 . You remain healthier and buy less medication
People who are exposed to mould can have adverse effects on their health. The most common way that people are affected is by inhaling spores and small pieces of mold. Mold can also be absorbed through skin contact. This can occur by touching mouldy surfaces or swallowing mold. While the risks of mould can vary between people, most mould exposure results in a sore throat, sinus and nasal congestion, wheezing, eye irritation, and other breathing problems.

You can reduce your medical expenses by washing the house every six months to remove mould and prevent it from growing. This will also help you save money on medications for asthma, cough, and sinus problems.

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