3 Kitchen Design Trends That Are Going Out of Style

Trends can become unpopular due to oversaturation, or simply because they are too complicated for most people. It can have a serious impact on the value of your home if the kitchen is outdated and not modern enough.

Kitchen renovations are a large investment. You shouldn’t be following every trend. It is important to know which trends are not to be followed. So hire a kitchen designers in brisbane for kitchen renovation.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles used to be the most common material for finishing a kitchen’s interior. This material has become overused to the point that it is now saturated. It is difficult to travel anywhere without seeing subway tiles on a backsplash or kitchen wall.

Many people are now realizing that their home’s subway tile backsplash is the same as all others. This can negatively impact the value of your house.

Subway Tile Modern Alternatives

Tile is a classy and beautiful material that can add elegance to any kitchen. It’s important that you are creative in your choice of tiles as styles can become too saturated.

A modern alternative to using a repeating pattern in tiles of a different color is to do so with tiles. It gives you the same look as regular subway tiles, but it isn’t as repetitive.

Stone tiles and wood are great options if you want something more unusual. These materials are becoming increasingly popular and can give your kitchen a unique look.

Open Shelves and Pot Racks

Open shelves and pot racks, which were popular in the past few years, aren’t as popular today. Oversaturation is the main reason, but some people also find open shelves a bit too overwhelming.

You can hang your pots on the wall or in a different location. You can save space while keeping your kitchen clean and modern.

Open Shelving Alternatives

You can use open shelves instead of using open shelves. This is a popular trend in modern kitchens, and it can be used in your home.

An adjustable wall rack is another option to hang pots. They are slightly more expensive than open shelves but offer more versatility.

Heavy Decorations for Cabinets

Even if there aren’t many storage options, cabinets will always be a focal point of the kitchen. Cabinets that are most frequently found are those that receive the most attention.

You can add character to cabinets by hanging decorations or other knick-knacks. Some homeowners have overdone it and had negative effects on their home’s value.

Cabinet Alternatives

There are two options available if you want to add decorations to your cabinets. First, choose something very elegant like small potted plants.

You can also choose a modern material than wood. You could choose marble or glass.


It is important to remember that trends can change at any time and that there are always new ones. Be true to your style and choose a design that suits your home. This will help your home stand out from the rest.

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