10 Ways to Decorate With Terracotta In Your Home

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There’s nothing new in using the color terracotta for design. In fact, the color goes to thousands of years. Although it has never been trendy, however, it has seen a revival lately due to its calming natural feel, which is precisely what we require.

What Is Terracotta?

Imagine the color terracotta in the same way as the clay fire it’s named for. It’s a warm and deep, reddish-orange shade with a hint of brown.

“After years of cool shades, like blues and grays, dominating decor, people are ready for some warmth,” interior designer Sarah Cole says. “Designers are infusing rooms with colors like terracotta because it has a way of looking sophisticated but also natural, and people are definitely embracing that shift.”

The translation is “baked earth” in Italian True terracotta means the same, and the color terracotta is a perfect example of the same feeling. In addition to the actual pottery, There are myriad ways to incorporate terracotta-colored pieces in your home by using wallpaper, fabrics, paint, or any other means.

Here are our top 10 ways to use terracotta as a decoration in your home.

Add a Terracotta Throw Blanket

To get your feet wet, the toned terracotta start with an easy accessory such as a throw-on blanket for your bed. A large throw is not just an inviting piece to curl to, but it can also be used in combination with any of the tones.

“To use terra cotta in the bedroom, I like layering it with other natural tone colors,” Hilde Leiaghat, who is the designer and the CEO of L.A.-based textile company Pom Pom At Home, is quoted as saying. “It’s very easily mixed with nudes, sands, and blush, or if you prefer darker, you can mix it with chocolate browns and even charcoal.”

Go Big and Bold With Terracotta Drapes

You’ll find it difficult to find drapes more stylish than the floor-to-ceiling drapes in this living room created by Jessica Lagrange Interiors. The rich terracotta hue elevates the room’s appearance and height as they catch your eye all across the ceiling. This is a great example of how versatile this color can be as it blends well with other shades in the room, such as ivory mauve, brown and.

Add Texture With Terracotta Upholstery

An excellent way to incorporate terracotta in a bedroom is to reupholster an existing headboard with an earthy hue because it works well with all wood tones. (even more effective if it blends with the wallpaper). Cole, the designer of this area, concurs.

“Terracotta has an organic vibe that works with popular wood tones, like walnut and natural oak,” she states. “Terracotta also has a depth to it that is lacking in more vivid shades of red and orange–it’s more soothing and can therefore make an impact visually without looking harsh.”

Create a Conversation Starter With a Terracotta Refrigerator

There’s nothing subtle about a terracotta color refrigerator, such as this one from Big Chill, and that’s exactly the thing we love about the design. The design evokes a 1950s style but (almost) is a part of the wood cabinets that surround it. It’s a bit out of the ordinary, but it’s also beautiful and is sure to provoke plenty of conversations among guests.

Seek Out Terracotta-Colored Leather Pieces

Terracotta is a popular choice for many different materials, including leather. Take these leather dining chairs by Lindye Galloway, for example. They are awash in colors, a rich texture, and a design that only gets better when you live in them.

Add a Piece of Terracotta-Colored Furniture

If you want to get a lot of terracotta, choose a striking piece of furniture like the Makeva Anise Brown Swivel Chair from Article. It’s more likely to be a good fit with the furniture you have already in place than you first think.

“Terracotta-color furniture is versatile and invokes a sense of warmth and coziness in the living room while packing an earthy punch,” Madison Adam the interior design service manager at Article, we spoke with.

Commit (Kinda) With Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper

If you’re one of the people who is willing to take a risk and would like to decorate your walls with wild patterns in terracotta colors. However, it could be that you live in a place that’s not permanently wallpaper-friendly, or you’re susceptible to full room remodels every couple of years. Are you familiar with this?

If you’re in that situation, think about peel-and-stick wallpapers, such as this Cabana Heat Wave design by Tempaper, which is your best partner. It’s as simple for you to put on as to take off without leaving any remnants behind. In the event that you are renting, you’ll receive your deposit back, we promise.

Mix and Match Different Terracotta-Patterned Pieces

We’ve seen how easily Terracotta can be incorporated into the design of your bedroom, particularly in the bedding. If you’re looking for items to complement your bedroom, consider taking notes on the following Joshua Smith Inc.-designed space. In this space, he used pillows, as well as a variety of terracotta-colored bedding items in a variety of textures and patterns to create a coherent but layered appearance.

Incorporate Terracotta Planters Into Your Home

Terracotta planters are old-fashioned. If they’re made from genuine clay or simply terracotta, they blend perfectly with the vivid greens that your plant life. If you’re looking for a subdued and elegant way to bring the hue into your living space, then this is the best ideal place to begin. It’s a color that will never go out of hue, and your vibrant plants won’t.

Go Classic With Terracotta Tile

Tiles made of Terracotta have served as a staple in homes for a long time and for a variety of good reasons. It’s beautiful, timeless, simple, tough, and even better with the passing of time. You won’t find a better example from Tile. This captivating tile pattern is an example. The varying shades add style and elegance to this bathroom or any room where you’d place this iconic Terracotta tile.

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