Good morning, lovely friends! I hope you enjoyed a fabulous Mother’s Day weekend. We did…and I was gifted a massage for one hour from my hubby and our little man. They understood precisely what the pregnant mommy wanted!

I enjoy reading blogs that help keep my imagination going. Since we live in a rental house, my decorating “secret” is to create beautiful vignettes and DIY projects that can be used for a short period, unlike moving walls or renovating. Ha! Although many of my favorite blog posts on home decor are geared explicitly toward renters, you can use parts and pieces of them and use them in your own home.

These are 10 of the most fantastic home Decor blogs that I have always found the most inspiring ideas!


Apart from being a fan of the Nester due to her being the Nester, I also love that she’s a neighbor who likes where she lives. She has designed a stunning home and is searching for simplicity, which I love. Her idea of the kitchen backsplash of a tenant can be brilliant…and yes, it includes hot glue.


Kevin and Layla have such a genuine passion for life and home design that it’s difficult not to get caught up as you browse their blog. They’re expert stylists, and I love how they inject every design with a vintage ambiance. Using vintage, original objects in your decor is a great way to bring personality.


If you’ve got an item of furniture asking for a fresh coat of paint, but you’re not sure where to begin, I’ll say to ya…my acquaintance Shaunna will help you get started. She motivates me to get the paintbrush and do it. The blog she writes inspires me to become better…a stronger mom, a more creative decorator, and a confident painter.


Whenever I go to her blog, I will be enthralled with gorgeous eye candy. Kate is a master of taste and has an elegant but practical fashion. Kate creates stunning furniture made from the smallest of items, unique crafts, and simple decorating projects that anyone can complete, and she cooks as well!


Sarah’s blog was among the first DIY/home-based blogs I read. It’s no surprise that I was fascinated by how Sarah creates stunning items working on a budget. Sarah’s house has changed throughout the years, and it’s constantly growing. I am fascinated by the process! I’m sure I became enthralled by spray paint when I read Sarah’s blog.


This blog is new to me. However, I love the stunning photographs and the beautiful projects. I am always inspired by your tutorials, many of which are renter-friendly! And the home tour. Take a sip of tea and sit on your laptop,; you’ll be busy on the time of the house for quite a while!


What should I do? I love Darlene, who is the designer of Fieldstone Hill Design. Apart from being the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, she has a sharp eye for gorgeous interiors. She has a stunning portfolio with many ideas, and the “ditto” posts are my favorite. Darlene breaks beautiful rooms down little by little and demonstrates how you can use the elements and use them within an interior.


My best friend Emily is known as the Decor Chick. I’ve been a fan of her blog since my memory can remember…way before we were even close friends. I love how she’s changed her home with time. Each day, Emily adds pieces of her house she is awestruck by. Check out what she made from a drawer. She doesn’t have a fireplace, ins;tead she, has a Pottery Barn Ledge that she decorates to make a mantel…love it!


I’ve been following Emily’s blog for quite a time and am awed by the decorating ideas that she offers. Her house is beautiful, with vibrant colors, striking patterns, and illustrations from her children’s drawings. She also shares simple homemade projects and stunning before and after pictures of the spaces she designs for clients.


I could lose myself in Young House Love for hours in a row. John and Sherry are avid DIYers who delight me with their enthusiasm, endless creativity, and ways to decorate their homes. P.S. I enjoy their blog of theirs because they always make me laugh!

What is your top home decor blog? I love to find new blogs!!

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